Why Choose Merchant Cash Advance Leads Live Transfer Leads?

December 16, 2017
merchant cash advance leads live transfer
The lead generation industry is seeing unprecedented success. Technology and analytics are enabling companies like MCA Leads Pro to qualify leads like never before. We are finding new and more efficient ways to generate leads like never before such as merchant cash advance leads live transfer. This of course is all great news for investors looking at alternative methods of generating income.

Despite all the advances in lead generation tactics, are there some who are still on the fence about the validity of what we do?

Of course, and you may count yourself in that group.

Rest assured that our lead generation strategies are put in place with your best interests in mind.

You want leads, you need leads. And we’ve got the best ones for you. 

Here are a few reasons to get in touch with our merchant cash advance leads live transfer division today:

Exclusivity and Originality

The reason that MCA live transfer leads are so coveted is that the industry is so competitive.

Cutthroat competition demands you to stay active on social media, attend trade shows, etc.

Basically, if you’re not taking these steps, your competitors are. However, if you’re not willing to go through the trouble, just take your leads from us.

  • The exclusivity of our leads is what makes them so valuable.
  • You don't want to be the third or fourth lender to contact a merchant.
  • Exclusive leads put you in control.
  • The last thing you want to do is oversaturate customers with calls from multiple merchant cash advance companies.
merchant cash advance leads live transfer
Calling after taking their permission leads to establishing a more personal touch with every prospect.

TThis is also a contributing factor as to why our leads are exclusive.

You need not alter your commission just to get the business, aka 'low-balling.'

Of course, this also requires promptness in contacting the leads.

Calling after seeking permission helps establish a more personal touch with every prospect.

Since they've reached out for more information, they won't stop until they find it.

A Cost-Effective Solution

It's not hard to see why MCA companies (or any for that matter) want to maximize their profit margin.

In the case of merchant cash advances, the overhead is very limited; hence, the profit margin isn't affected by renting a building or paying utility of a facility.

That being said, most MCA companies want to continue that trend by lowering their overheads.

Merchant cash advance live transfer leads shouldn't be taken as an expense.

Granted you are spending money, but you're doing it to make money; therefore, to build your MCA business, reach expansion is mandatory.

The only way to accomplish this is through vigorous marketing; social media accompanied by direct phone calling.

 Would you hire a marketing specialist or pay an advertising agency to put ads onsocial media like Facebook? 

  – Or would you rather call leads that are legitimately interested in a loan?

MCA Leads Pro cuts out the middleman and gets you directly in touch with qualified business owners.

Save On Other Resources

MCA leads live transfer not only saves you money, but also time.

Money can be easily converted into other resources.
  • Who wants to cold call or chase businesses that are not interested in a business loan at all?
  • Do you want to analyze your advertising data to see if your money is being spent efficiently?
  • Wouldn't your time be better spent calling interested parties that have already been qualified? /span>

Is it worth your time to place an ad, then wait a week or two for results then spend another week or two getting in contact with the potential borrowers?

  • Do you want to spend time driving around to businesses, scouting for potential business loan candidates?

Experts in the Merchant Cash Advance Field

Another reason why you should choose merchants cash advance live transfer leads is that we are experts in the field.

The niche of business loans is our specialty.

It's the only leads we generate and it's the only industry we've gained experience in since our inception.

This specialty creates better ways to attract potential business loan partners and it ultimately results in better quality leads.

Leads are Qualified Prospects

With an MCA live transfer, you know the leads are qualified because they've called us.

This is inbound marketing at its maximum efficiency because the customer is on the line as we speak.

The potential borrower calls us looking for more information.

Our live transfer leads enable brokers to connect with qualified business owners directly.

We question them first and hear their answers for verifying their status before transferring their call to you.

The cake is baked and the candles are lit – you just have to blow them out.

Customized Merchant Cash Advance Leads Live Transfer

Another benefit of MCA live transfer leads is that we can totally customize them to your requirements.

This is as detailed as you want from the time of day to money amounts. Maybe you're looking for higher volume loans and fewer of them or perhaps, your niche is smaller loans at a higher volume. Together we can create a risk/reward list and find clients based on your requirements.

Give us a call today

(951) 525-5101

for more information.

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