How to Utilize Your Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Jason Hunt
November 23, 2017

No matter what your industry (including merchant cash advance leads) there are two things that are key to growing your business –

  • Obtaining leads that could turn into potential customers down the line.
  • Understanding that leads alone are just not enough.
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In the case of merchant cash advance leads you need to have the information of people who are legitimately interested in obtaining capital for their business.

However, in this niche you need to act fast on these leads because the companies want the cash sooner rather than leader.

Why is it so important for merchant cash advance leads to be acted upon promptly?

For one, these business owners may be seeking capital to act on a trend. Maybe they want to expand their product line to take advantage of a new demand.

The business may be desiring to expand their facilities either in a downtime or as part of seasonal improvements. In an industry such as duct cleaning, the services are not necessarily ’emergency’. When somebody is looking for capital from merchant cash advance leads it’s because they :

  • Don’t have it.
  • Want it now.

The success of MCALeads is predicated on conversion. Great conversion rates start on our end by providing you quality leads for businesses that are  interested in your services.

That being said, conversion rates are also determined by what you do after obtaining these high quality merchant cash advance leads. Therefore in the interest of growing everybody’s success, here is how you can act on leads to make them customers right now.

Qualify Clients

Something you should note is that our merchant cash advance leads are pre-qualified to include customers that have shown interest in obtaining capital for their business.

They may have been rejected from traditional forms of borrowing. They may just be doing their due diligence of exploring all their options for gaining an instant, bulk revenue source.

While all the clients are qualified to some degree, it’s important there are different stages of qualification. One of the best ways you can convert is by understanding these clients and staging them on one hand into those who have shown viable interest.

Another sector of merchants may be just ‘dipping their toes in the water’ of a possible instant source of revenue.

You can increase your conversion rate by focusing your most intense efforts on the clients who are in search for capital RIGHT NOW. It’s important to never ignore any of the leads on the list, but some are less pressing than others.

Improve Your Own Inbound Content

The way we obtain the merchant cash advance leads in the first place is by a very in-depth inbound marketing campaign.

Search engine optimization, calls-to-action, website design, and other aspects of inbound marketing are very important. Without utilizing your own inbound content you’re fishing without bait.

So why do you need inbound content if you’ve already got the lead? Your customers will want to take the next step even after you’ve gotten in contact with them.

They may have follow up questions. May want to research your company on their own, or just might want to have a convenient way to get in contact with you.

Websites, social media, and other forms of a solid web presence are important for your overall conversion rates.

Call to Action

call to action

It’s not just enough to supply the customer with information, you need to get them to act. Utilizing proper calls to action is how you get your visitors to take the next step. Will you get some sales by phone call alone?

Yes, definitely. In this day and age it’s important to give people an ‘anonymous’ way to get in touch. There’s a reason you can order your pizza from a Smart phone app now and not have to talk to a human. People like convenience and anonymity these days.

You can optimize your merchant cash advance leads with a call to action that gets people to take the next step. Whatever that may be (phone call, free estimate, newsletter, etc.)

Do the Proper Follow Ups

A lead isn’t like a phone call from jail in that you only get one. In fact, you’ll find out that very few times you’ll convert a sale on your very first contact with a potential customer.

Merchant cash advance leads need to be nurtured a bit. You should do proper follow up just to see if the customer has developed any new questions or to see where they’re at in terms of obtaining their funding.

Ask For the Sale

While merchant cash advance leads are a great way to get a foot in the door, they are by no means guaranteed to sell. Even if your conversation goes well and all the customer’s questions are answered promptly and accurately, you might find that the potential sale hits a standstill.

It’s like when a first date goes great, and you’re at that awkward point. Sometimes, you have to just ask for it, ‘it’ being, in this case, the sale.

There’s a reason your customer has gotten to this point.  You’ve hit the fairway and got on the green in regulation now it’s just time to put the ball in the hole.

Do the Research on Their Business

One of the great, yet trying, things about the merchant cash advance niche is that you might be providing lending to a versatile array of businesses.

While the lead generating is specialized, the businesses who are obtaining that increase in capital is not. You might be providing instant revenue to auto body shops, retail stores, home services contractors, and more.

While you should be able to answer any and all questions about the lending process itself. It also never hurts to know details about the business itself. Doing just a little bit of research on the business you are lending to

  • Is good to know for your own personal lending purposes.
  • Goes a long way in showing that you actually care about the company and not just the profits.

If you would like more information about learning how to convert your merchant cash advance leads into sales. Feel free to contact us today.

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