Small Business Loan Application Categories During the Post-Pandemic

April 2, 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic made 2020 a difficult year for businesses of all scales, particularly affecting small businesses -salons, restaurants, schools, in fact almost everywhere to prevent social gathering. 2021, however, has been slightly better as the vaccines are rolling out, and small business loans are becoming easily obtainable through merchant cash advances.

But challenges remain and businesses, as usual, need to prepare themselves; the first one with financing themselves due to an overwhelming number of loan applications, only if you fall under the list of essential businesses.

The Paycheck Protection Program, also known as the PPP loan, helped some small businesses during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, they still lacked sufficient funds to back themselves up.

Merchant cash advances and small business loans are picking up once again as lockdown restrictions are being lifted (except for educational institutions).

There are more available financing possibilities now. The government has a vital role in this recent increase in financing options.

The PPP loan got approval for a second round, which means that small businesses have received another chance at MCA loans at comparatively lower interest rates now. This approval of the PPP loan includes $284 billion for financing.

Payment protection program covering small business loans for owners.
The payment protection program loans for small businesses to help their payout to their employees and other fixed costs.
 These loans backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) has one problem, that is, these loans have strict obligations, and not many businesses can fulfill these requirements. 

But panic not, as there are other accessible financing options, resulting in quick growth of business capital.

What is the Current State of Covid-19 Relief Loans?

Before we dive into the future of merchant cash advances or quick loan schemes, let us check the current state.

The PPP loan is put into action by the SBA to encourage businesses to pay their employees and cover rent and utility bills.

During the initiation of the first phase of the lockdown, the lenders of small businesses based on their requirements for merchant cash advances; as a result, applications piled up expeditiously for the PPP loan, eventually depleted funds quickly.

The second round of this PPP loan offers a maximum loan amount of $2 million and additional funding for salary and functioning expenses.

Sadly, it was not enough for businesses to expand or invest in the global market; lenders resumed offering loans to local and small businesses.

What is the Future of Business Financing After the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Small business financing will return to normal as the number of CoVID-19 infections will decimate, and the economy begins to thrive again.

As PPP loans and other financing options are backed up by the federal government in the market, banks are yet to give out small business loans.

So, we cannot say that everything is back to normal just yet.

 Obtaining a business loan from the bank was difficult and consumed a lot of time even before the pandemic started. To qualify for a bank loan, you must possess an incredible credit score, a minimum of 2 years in business, and an outstanding credit score. 
small business loan rejection by banks
Loan applications are rejected faster by banking institutions for not meeting their loan criteria.

If you cannot meet all these qualifications, then the chances of your application being rejected were very high.

Although the economy is rebounding, banks have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels of lending.

The chances of banks easing up on the requirements are low as well.

On the other side, the banks are taking extra measures to turn their lending decisions more risk-free, meaning, not meeting the loan criteria restricts you from funds too.

Fintech Lenders: Easy, Secure, and Quick Financing

Fintech lenders are alternative lenders, also known as online lenders who are making up for this inconsistency.

Such tech-based loaning institutions do not judge your business the way any regular bank does, and this policy will remain the same for financing after the coronavirus pandemic.

These lenders focus on your business potential rather than your credit score and financial history.

This evaluation provides them with a clear idea of how profitable your business will turn out to be in the future.

Fintech lenders such as National Funding are back to lending after the pandemic.
Faster loan approval by fintech lenders dedicated to small business owners.

Qualifying requirements are not as strict as a bank loan, and multiple options are available for businesses.

Businesses may be able to qualify based on their gross sales and do not have to meet high credit score obligations.

Lenders like National generally check your monthly bank statements to figure out the financial condition of your business.

We believe that this gives us the correct idea of your current business status and how the financing will help your business in the future.

Alternative Lending Options Post-coronavirus:

Although the pandemic changed the situation for most merchant cash advance brokers yet small business loans will always be demanded.

You have the privilege to choose the appropriate financing option that suits your business interest –

PPP loans, merchant cash advances, small business loans, business lines of credit, or other financing options.

You might consider one of the following options depending on your needs:

  • A business line of credit:

This gives you an amount of funding that can be drawn depending on your needs. You will have to pay interest on the amount of money you withdraw and not on the total amount sanctioned to your business.

This will give you the advantage of enjoying surplus working capital to cover immediate expenses.

  • Small business loans:

Small business loans are straightforward and provide you with a principal sum of money, interest rate, and terms and conditions based on your business needs. You will receive the money and will have to repay the loan before the term expires. There is no restriction on how you spend the money, this means you can expand, solve problems, or clear payments with this loan.

Ensure that your lender provides you with clear details about rates and terms.

  • Merchant cash advance:

Merchant cash advance (MCA) is a loan provided to small businesses and money is paid back by deducting a certain percentage from future credit or debit sales until the loan is repaid fully.

You can apply for an MCA loan easily without going through complications.
You can start by calling (951) 525-5101
Merchant cash advance loan requirements and approval policies.
  • Equipment financing:

This financing option allows a business to purchase new equipment instantly, but the money can be paid in installments (usually between 2 to 3 years).

  • Small business administration loans:

SBA loans popular options that have the lowest interest rates and can be returned over a long period.

But the qualification for SBA loans is tough. Without an outstanding credit score, you should go for a different small business loan option.

How to Purse Small Business Loans Through Alternative Funding?

The global economy is recovering from the pandemic; therefore, any of of the above loan schemes could be what you need to stand back on your feet.

As the economy is recovering, businesses need to find opportunities to adopt new business trends and demands.

Connect directly with business owners through our live transfer leads. Qualified and vetted business leads seeking small business loans.

Let’s all work this out together and turn our economy better through our small business funding opportunity.


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