5 Reasons to Trust a Merchant Cash Advance Leads Vendor

There are plenty of businesses out there. Many are performing as well as offering value and earning monthly cash flow, but are in need of working capital fast, – to fund their growing business.

To obtain that working capital, they have likely unsuccessfully filed for loans at the bank or tried other means they were not approved or matched.


What they need is a safe alternative, and need to find and connect with merchant capital brokers that offer merchant cash advances (MCAs).

Merchant cash advances are a very quick and simple, no-games and no-risk type of lending.

The business or merchant is granted a cash advance or loan, and the lender automatically gets paid back by a percentage of the business’ future credit card sales volume.

As a cash advance provider, here are 5 reasons why you should choose a targeted telemarketing service for working capital funding leads:

Expert Qualification and Filtering

A merchant cash advance leads vendor considers many factors when qualifying and matching companies to the MCAs:

  • At least 1 year in business fully operating
  • You are earning at least 15,000 per month in sales
  • No bankruptcies presently or previously
  • Companies hoping to collect working capital in 30 days or less

MCAs often spend a ton of resources scouting and reaching out to unqualified companies.

By trusting a leads provider, you can be sure that their expert strategy and exclusive access to highly qualified companies will yield more interest from businesses, and ultimately higher conversion.

MCA leads vendors track potential businesses closely, understanding their values, needs, and trends.

Using personalized business knowledge and data, the leads teams can better reach your potential clients through means that they respond to – email, mail campaigns, or telemarketing.


They don’t just stop at finding the right companies, they go right to the source at those companies – identifying and connecting directly with the decision-making unit; often the owners or directors/ managers.

Once the leads are identified and later qualified, choose between 4 real-time options:

  • Live Posted Lead: 100% exclusive, double verified, qualified leads with audio-proof of merchant requesting funding.
  • Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfer Lead: 100% exclusive, direct transfer to merchants interested in obtaining funding.
  • Aged Merchant Cash Advance Lead: data aged at 6 months
  • Full Package: package that includes signed application, recent bank statements, and photo ID of the qualified and committed merchant.

Maintain Control

Although a merchant cash advance leads vendor may deliver all of the work, they operate to serve your needs in finding you the best merchants and businesses to lend to; therefore your business goals are their top priority

Experience Goes a Long Way

The best MCA leads providers have been in business for many years, and are working tirelessly to keep up with the latest trends not only in your industry but in marketing and lead generation across the board.

High-quality MCA leads provider companies to continuously track their campaigns and test against alternative methods to ensure the highest conversion.

Exclusive Access

Trusting a leads provider goes hand-in-hand with trusting its network.


Many MCA leads providers have (or claim) exclusive access and partnerships with databases and related companies ensuring up-to-date and highly qualified leads. Partnerships are harvested through years of client-focused relationships.

When an MCA is handed a qualified lead, they can trust that they are the only prospects working with and being considered by this customer – the leads provider is not sharing the same information across different networks or industries.

Now that you know that a merchant cash advance leads provider is the right fit for your cash advance company, let’s make your choice for a provider simple. With over 10 years of experience in the cash advance industry, MCA Leads Pro is a leading, full service direct and online marketing agency that focuses on the highest quality lead generation. MCA Leads Pro currently serves the top lenders, brokers, and ISO houses.

When MCA Leads Pro tells you they have exclusive leads, they mean it. And that’s why their clients keep coming back.

Our mission is to help you focus your time selling to interested, qualified prospects! All you have to do is lead them through to the sale.

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