Refrain From Purchasing Unsecured Business Loan Leads; Here’s How

Anyone in the merchant cash advance industry knows that if the benefits of the service are not apparent, business loan leads won’t convert. It’s important to be able to show your customers what you have to offer and why your service is the best if you want to stay ahead of the curve. The first step to becoming successful is to secure exclusive MCA leads that have an actual interest in securing a loan to help their business grow.

Larger companies have the option of getting a loan through a traditional bank. Small businesses, on the other hand, don’t have the same options; as a result, the majority of the customers you get will be small business loan leads.

 MCA lead vendors will give you the contact information that opens the doors to qualified businesses, it’s up to you to make your business grow and enjoy profitable ROI. 

A lot of MCA agencies are still using free merchant cash advance leads and free business loan leads to grow their portfolio while saving money.

Unfortunately, this old fashion method is no longer effective. If you want to really make a name for yourself in the MCA industry, it’s time to upgrade your merchant cash advance marketing ideas and look into buying quality merchant financing leads. Not only will this help you convert more customers, but it will also help you become an industry leader.

How Unsecured Business Loan Leads Work?

Business loan lead generation implements a variety of techniques combined to attract prospects that offer a higher chance of conversion of leads. This can be through sources such as social media, cold calling, print ads, and more.

This pool of leads is then thinned down to include only those who have an active interest in obtaining a credit loan.

MCA agencies who spend all of their time chasing potential borrowers and marketing all over the internet won’t have time to dedicate to clients they do secure.

 Buying exclusive merchant cash advance leadswill give you the time you need to focus on becoming an industry leader. 

There are companies that are dedicated solely to business loan lead generation.

They are experts at finding and preparing small business owners for the loan process before they ever reach your desk.

  • Hiring a company to market and bring you MCA Live Transfer leads will result in more sales, more conversions, and more lends in your portfolio.
  • There are three tiers of MCA leads that are typically offered, each with their own range of advantages.
  • Depending on your budget, you may want to purchase one or more of these small business loans leads packages to increase your conversions.

MCA lead generation agencies work to help you make your business great. Cash advance leads pricing is according to your needs and the volume you desire, so you can go as big or stay as small as you want.

Categories of Business Cash Advance Leads:

Real-Time Business Loan Leads

Real-time business cash advance leads are completely unique and exclusive. These are generated from a business that has entered their information and stated that they are looking for a small business cash advance loan.

They offer an improved possibility for conversion since the business owner is seeking a loan at the exact moment a lead shows up.

Although conversion rates are higher, these clients are typically harder to convert; moreover, there will be several companies responding to their query trying to sell them a loan.

  • They tend to go with the first MCA loan provider who contacts them offering loans at the lowest interest.
  • Your sales agents should be well trained in highlighting your companies advantages from the start.
  • Even if they don’t convert right now, you could still follow up on them at a later time during the right moment.

Live Transfer Business Loan Leads

Merchant cash advance live transfers are similar to real-time leads because the small businesses have just mentioned that they are seeking to get a loan.

The big difference between live transfers and real-time transfers is the price you pay and the speed with which you get to connect with potential investors.

  • Through live transfers, merchant cash advance leads, the client has called in or has accepted a call in regards to a loan for their small business.
  • The best thing about live transfers is that they are always the decision-makers, and you also get a chance to speak with them directly.
  • They have the highest conversion rates of all MCA lead generation types and is also the most expensive.

While on hold, the callers are transferred directly to the MCA lender (you) where they can learn about the process before sanctioning any quick loan.

Aged Business Loan Leads

Aged merchant cash advance leads are those that are at least a month old. These are the most affordable leads on the market and also have the lowest conversion rate.

Even though they have been on the books for a while, many of these small business owners are very interested in securing funds for their operation.

Because they are so affordable, you can purchase a large number and call several companies daily.

 Sometimes, they may have already chosen an MCA service or they may not have gotten a call from anyone. Even if it seems like a gamble, your brokerage can benefit tremendously. 

How MCA Leads Pro Can Help?

If you are an MCA shop that is looking to boost your sales and lend conversions, we are here to help. We have a range of solutions that are built around your needs that will help you reach your goals. Each of our live lead transfer agents is specially trained to provide you with the best business loan leads available in your area.

Get in touch with us today at (951) 525-5101 for more information.

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