It’s More Than Just Merchant Cash Advance Lead Data – It’s the Company Selling

December 16, 2017

A lead in the merchant cash advance industry is invaluable. High-quality leads are how you pick up more customers and thus increase your revenue stream.

Merchant cash advance lead data can lead to repeat clients, referrals, and just a positive word-of-mouth vibe about your MCA business. Buying these leads saves advertising and marketing budget as well as time and other resources.

So if quality leads are gold in this industry, how do you do the mining?

As stated, purchasing leads is a solid use of your overhead because it saves thousands of marketing costs.

When you buy leads, you’re putting your time and energy into ‘closing’ rather than ‘finding.

Of course, when you’re getting a list of names and numbers you’re also putting a lot of trust into the company providing that information.

It’s for these reasons that the lead generation company that you choose is going to be your biggest asset.

How Does Merchant Cash Advance Lead Data Work?

The first thing to know about the lead generation company is that we do most of the legwork in acquiring the sales data.

This is why a merchant cash advance lead data company is so valuable.

 We save you time, resources, and budget in chasing down these leads; as a result, this lets the broker focus on sales – and with clients that are more likely to spend money. 

So how do we get the leads?

The answer to that is anyway possible. The most popular method for finding potential MCA leads however is with online marketing.

We have a website and a partnership with other companies that are in contact with potential borrowers.

The merchant either requests a quote or some other additional info.

This is why our leads are more likely to result in a conversion, as they’ve come to us revealing their interest in quick working capital loans.

Automation, too, requires human interaction for accuracy.

Why Should You Use Lead Generation?

Merchant cash advance lead data ends up being a win-win for both the buyer as well as the seller.

In this case, the company looking for a merchant cash advance is the buyer.

 These businesses are able to obtain the capital they need without having to deal with a bank, and the money could be for business expansion, bringing in more labor, getting caught up on bills, etc. 

Either way, the company gets the funding they need if they have the ability to repay the cash advance via credit card sales.

  • The seller in the win-win situation is thus the lender; furthermore, you use lead generation to expand your investment portfolio.
  • You also use leads to fuel this expansion without wasting your time on cold calls or trying to persuade unwilling business owners.
  • The contact information that comes from every lead is about business owners that are seeking a boost in their capital – and fast!

Is Merchant Cash Advance Lead Data For You?

Hire the right lead generation team for generating cashflow throughout every year.

Our clients who take advantage of our leads are doing so to drum up business in a really fast manner.

They may be sick of wasting the time and money on pursuing clients that have no intention of getting a cash advance.

Our clients find lead generation companies to be a much more efficient use of their budget compared to hiring a sales or marketing expert.

One thing to know is that obtaining leads is just like any other advertising or marketing.

You have to get customers to come to you in some way.

What’s going to work better – an ad in a newspaper glossed over by hundreds of people or the contact information for businesses legitimately interested in a merchant cash advance?

It's very important that lenders realize that obtaining the contact information for a merchant is only the start.

  • We can only provide you the lead, we can't sell them on your services.
  • You need to use the merchant cash advance lead data to contact the company within 24 hours.
  • To get the sale you need to be courteous as well as respectful.
  • This is why you still may find it worthwhile to keep a sales or marketing expert in the house.

That being said the leads contain info from those who have reached out for MCA data.

It's a much easier sell than calling up a business out of the blue.

Why the Lead Generation Company Matters?

Quality MCA leads are always converting, making you happy thoroughly!

Remember that a lead is the contact information for a business.

That being said, an unscrupulous lead generation company could provide you with this info just by ripping a sheet out of the white pages.

 What a quality lead generation company offers is merchant cash advance lead data for business loan leads

Not only that, but this is also our only niche.

We focus all of our energy on acquiring MCA leads. Some lead gen companies out there offer info in every niche.

There's no way these companies can be efficient trying to get MCA data one minute and finding home buyers the next.


Another advantage that we offer is lead generation customization. What this basically entails is that you have the ability to purchase the leads as-is upfront or you can pay on a commission basis.

When you buy as-is, you have 100% control over how much profit you make. At the same time, there's no possible way we can guarantee that a company will actually go through with the loan.

With commission-based packages, you only pay for leads that actually go through with lending.

You've got to dip into some of your profits this way, but it really is a no-risk situation.

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