Merchant Cash Advances: The Basics

March 18, 2017
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March 2, 2017
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October 16, 2017

So, who are these merchant businesses?

There are tons of companies that suddenly find themselves in need of working capital. They either can’t wait or can’t get approved for a bank loan – and need a safe alternative lending method.

These businesses must meet certain criteria, as outlined by merchant cash advance companies.

Typically, the qualification criteria for MCAs are that the businesses:

  • Have been in business for at least 6 months.
  • Earn at least $15,000 per month in sales.
  • Have no bankruptcies.
  • Need working capital in 30 days or less.

So, who are the Merchant Cash Advance Companies?

Merchant cash advance companies focus on providing cash advances to small companies in need of working capital to grow their business. They grant a single, lump sum payment to the merchants to be paid back over a period of time.

MCAs differ from traditional lenders and banks in that they:

1)  Have a simple, easy qualification and approval process.

2)  Grant merchant cash advances quickly – in as little as a day, or a maximum of 30 days

3)  Don’t dictate how you spend your money.

  • You can use your cash advance to grow your business, fix your business, you name it.

4) Get paid back overtime as a percentage of future credit card sales earned by the merchant.

  •  Note that this percentage is automatically taken from the credit card processors from each day’s sales, and will not need to be manually separated or invoiced.
  • Since the MCA takes a percentage of daily sales versus a fixed dollar amount, the businesses can still manage their finances and afford their repayment during slow selling periods.


Rather than thinking of MCA companies as ‘lenders’, think of them as providing an advance on a future sale, or selling a percentage of your future revenue.

So, how can we help?

At MCA Leads Pro, we work together with Merchant Cash Advance Companies and Merchant Businesses to ensure efficiency in obtaining, qualifying, and passing along merchant businesses for cash advances.

Benefits for Merchant Businesses:

  • We work with you to make sure you are not only properly qualified, but ready to receive an advance for your business through an MCA.
  • You can trust that we will match you with the right MCA, and not share your information multiple times.
  • You can have confidence in our industry experience and knowledge. We are here to make your business decision a safe and comfortable one.

Benefits for MCAs:

  • We do it all! From tapping into our exclusive partnerships and databases, to telemarketing and running campaigns, to speaking with and qualifying merchant businesses that meet your criteria. Then, we pass the lead to you at the opportune moment for you to close the deal.
  • We offer 100% exclusive leads.
  • We offer 10+ years of expertise in the cash advance industry.

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