Same Day Funding Procedure With Merchant Cash Advance Techniques

September 21, 2022
Recent studies suggest there is an 84% chance of getting same-day MCA funding in the USA. However, choosing a good company with an affordable factor rate can be quite challenging. During COVID-19, small businesses faced challenges due to a lack of funds. It was difficult for businesses to acquire loans from banks. It was then that, MCA same-day funding came as a savior.

Having said that, we’re going to discuss the requirements for same-day MCA funding and how to utilize the funding to grow your business.

What Is Merchant Cash Advance Same Day Funding?

Counting money

A merchant cash advance is a form of alternative financing for businesses.

Business owners borrow money from MCA brokers or ISOs for emergency cash flow or to cover urgent bills.

 When a business owner borrows money from a lender and receives the money on the same day, you can typically refer it as merchant cash advance same-day funding.  

Same Day MCA Funding Checklist

Cash Advance Form

MCA funding doesn’t always require collateral or complex paperwork as bank loans do. The paperwork is much, much easier in contrast.

Same-day fundings generally require businesses to be a little more qualified than businesses applying for general funds. Now the required criteria can vary from one lender to another; however, here’s an exemplary checklist for same-day MCA funding.

Check out the list below to find out what you need to get same-day MCA funding

  • The business’s revenue must be $100000 or above
  • Business needs to operate for more than nine months
  • A personal credit score of more than 525
  • A business bank account
  • Bank Account statement for last 4 months
  • Cash flow that indicates successful loan repayment

How Much Funding Can One Get From Same Day Funding?

As far as businesses are concerned, cash is king; hence, it’s important to understand how much cash businesses can generally acquire through same-day funding.

Man Showing $100

The amount varies depending on the size of the business and the lender, the range being 5000$ to 200,000$. The lenders will fix an amount based on your business revenue, cash flow, monthly income, and other criteria.

Where to Get Same Day MCA Funding?

pos machine and money locker

When businesses usually look for same-day MCA funding, it indicates they are experiencing a cash crunch or are in immediate need of capital.

This can be a golden opportunity for scammers to swoop in and make their moves. Hence, it’s important that you realize the importance of choosing your Fund provider wisely.

Here’s a list of companies that provide same-day MCA funding.

  1. Rapid Finance: Fast, flexible funding options for Small Businesses
  2. Front Lead Capital: Provides same-day working capital for small businesses
  3. Ondeck: Best choice for same-day business loans
  4. National Business Capital: Most useful option for bad credits
  5. Balboa Capital: Excellent for well-established companies

How to Use Merchant Cash Advance Same Day Funding For Your Business

Clear All The Existing Bank Loans First

Repaying home loans

We all know business owners need MCA funding for emergencies as they pay all the urgent payments with merchant cash advance loans. A wise choice for a businessman with same-day MCA funding is to clear all the existing bank loans for sorting out imminent expenses.

This is because bank loans are critical and can be a threat if you don’t pay them on time.

Purchase Raw Materials for Your Business

Raw materials are important for businesses. Sometimes the business owners are overburdened with the business’s running costs and can’t set aside funds for resources.

Same-day funding can help you clear this cash crisis, and you can purchase raw materials for your business.

  Let’s say you have a juice bar. Due to sudden price hikes and low cash, you are unable to purchase fruits and other additives needed to prepare juice. Apply for an MCA same-day funding and keep your businesses running. 

Cover All Seasonal Expenses

Most business loan leads need to cover seasonal costs every year.

Cleaning Ice from the ground

Suppose you have a resort, and suddenly due to heavy snowfall, you now must remove all the snow off the lawn and surroundings in your resort. To do that, you have to hire workers and buy equipment that requires immediate cash.

You don’t have any cash to handle this, and the bank won’t provide any loans so fast. You might then consider same-day MCA funding to manage the situation.

It’s just an example. Generally, seasonal costs suddenly appear, pushing businesses to a cash crunch. To overcome this cash crisis, business owners often apply for MCA funding.

Repair Your Existing Business Equipment

Sometimes, a business owner may need to repair business equipment and to do that, they need cash.

Business owners don’t always have cash in hand; however, repairing existing business equipment is an emergency.

Repairing computer

Assume that you have an accountancy firm. Suddenly two of your company’s laptops crashed, which apparently also have valuable client data, which you’ll need right away.

Hence, you’ll need to get the laptops fixed immediately. But, alas! Your client receipts aren’t coming in before next week, so at this point, you can definitely use MCA same-day funding.

Pay All The Bills and Salary to Your Employees

Imagine it is the 15th of the month, and you haven’t paid any bills or your employees’ salaries due to a lack of funding, which is also quite normal in businesses sometimes. Not paying bills and salaries on time could lead to creating a negative impression about your company.

Paying bill through check

Not only this, but it’s also a burden for the owner. You want to clear all these as early as possible; therefore, same-day MCA funding will save you from such unforeseen situations.

Try to manage same-day MCA funding and pay bills and employees’ salaries. The best way to utilize same-day MCA funding.

Clear All Emergency Payments

Sometimes, a business owner could get into an emergency where they must urgently clear payments.

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For example, some of your product shipments at customs got stuck, and you need more money to solve this issue.

To overcome this issue, you can apply for same-day MCA funding. It’s time to take out an MCA same-day funding; take care of your emergency payments.

Pros of Merchant Cash Advance Same Day Funding

  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Easy to acquire
  • Less risk
  • No Collateral necessary
  • Fast funding
  • No hidden fees
  • Strong credit isn’t required
  • 6-24 months repayment period
Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of MCA Same-Day Funding

Cons of Merchant Cash Advance Same Day Funding

  • Factor rates can be high
  • Repayment can be expensive
  • Not a good option as a long-term solution
  • High risk of getting scammed


Company owners prepare for crises by saving cash. It is always good to be prepared; however, sometimes they face cash crises and difficulties in handling emergencies. In such circumstances, merchant cash advance same-day funding assists them by overcoming all emergencies.

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