Why Invest in Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers?

Jason Hunt
May 6, 2018

The merchant cash advance industry is expanding more rapidly today than in the past.

Today, a merchant cash advance live transfers provider has to implement strategic marketing plans for promoting their MCA services. Since there are many vendors today in the market supplying MCA leads, every ISO must remain cautious while hiring the right person. If you want to increase your efficiency, profitability, and service quality all at the same time, consider buying live transfers from MCA Leads Pro. It’s true that such leads are expensive, however, posing high chances of conversion that is worth the money.

Using this technique, you can establish a pristine reputation in the market, which in turn, will lead to businesses contacting you directly.

How MCA Lead Providers Can Turn the Table for Your Business?

With many MCA lead providers emerging in the market, it’s becoming increasingly common for a business to acquire leads.

But, most businesses are still unaware of such a service and still running lead generation campaigns all by themselves. With the help of lead generators, you can focus on other important aspects of your business since MCA lead providers can save a lot of time and money eventually.

With the qualification process outsourced to a third party, lenders are left with more time to analyze the credit risks of businesses

Instead of hiring a telemarketing team or running ads on different marketing channels, outsource this task and buy leads in bulk. You can buy 100% exclusive MCA leads within the range of $1–$45.

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  • After getting your list of MCA leads, contact them via phone or email for promoting your services.
  • Lead providers offer contact information of the business owners who are looking for financial assistance.
  • Comparing the costs incurred against the telemarketing staff salaries, you’ll realize how much you’re saving for real!

Since they are already looking for such services, there is a high possibility that you will convert the lead into a customer after a few interactions; however, that also depends on which type of lead you choose to buy.

What are Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers?

MCA live transfers are inbound calls directly transferred to MCA providers.

Past stats have shown an incredible increase in conversion rates with the help of live transfers.

Even though you’ll find other types of budget-friendly MCA leads, the chances of scoring a sale are highest with live transfers.

Once verified, the business owners will connect with lenders. Leads lists are DNC scrubbed and are in business for more than a year making over $15K worth of sales every month

We are all aware of the fact that a sales call is a promising opportunity as it presents a good chance to land sales leads with a contract.

Over the years, live transfers have proven themselves to generate better ROI than any other MCA lead-generating methods.

However, since they are hard to come by and offer instant results, they will be comparatively more expensive.

Advantages Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers

When you have to pay a high price, it’s obvious that you’ll expect better benefits in return.

Take a look at the key benefits associated with investing in an MCA live transfer service.

  • Leads are 100% exclusive.
  • Leads are typically businesses that have been around for at least six months.
  • Only those businesses are included that generate a revenue of at least $15,000.
  • Information about customer’s credit card sales volume.
  • Current business address and other contact information.
  • The purpose of the fund.
  • Merchant’s approx. credit score.
  • Merchant’s personal contact details.
  • Leads have high chances of conversion.

Aged Vs. Real-time Vs. Live Transfer Leads

Aged leads are those that are 30+ days old. Though you can buy this type of lead in bulk due to the lower prices, these leads are outdated and have the lowest chance of a conversion.

Most of the leads that you buy have been contacted before. If you’re looking for fast growth, it is advised to avoid spending on aged MCA leads.

The chances are that either they have purchased the services from a competitor, or they have lost interest in availing of a cash advance.

Real-time leads are business owners that have shown interest in getting a merchant cash advance. These leads are highly competitive and are contacted by many providers.

Though they have a good chance of converting, if you’re not the first one to call them, someone else might close the deal.

Real-time leads cost lower than live transfers but are more expensive than aged leads.

If you want to lower your costs and still manage to make sales, you can opt for real-time leads.

Live transfer leads connect lenders with business owners directly; therefore, there’s no waiting time while leaving zero scope for misinformation

However, to eliminate all risks of losing your investment, it’s better to consider investing in live transfers.

A live transfer lead is the best type of lead that an MCA business should purchase.

Though they are more expensive, they can still guarantee large returns on investment meant to connect with lenders directly.

A great feature of live transfers is that it has zero competition. As the call comes, it is transferred to you according to your planned schedule.

After that, it’s your job to convince the potential customer for carrying out the remaining procedure.

Make sure you have an effective sales team available to handle live calls as they have the highest chances of buying your services.


Considering all the costs and benefits, it can be stated that live transfer leads are the best form of leads to investing. If MCA lead providers are transferring live calls to you from customers who have shown interest in getting funds, it’s highly likely that they’ll end up on your list of clients. Even if they ask for time to think or are unsatisfied with your rates, you’ll get their contact details to reach out to them in the future.

They will be considered as aged leads in the future, but you can email them routinely to remind everything you have to offer.

With every lead purchased, you’ll still get something useful, be it in the form of a customer or a lead. If you want to improve your business marketing strategies, buy live transfer leads from MCA Leads Pro today.

Call us now at (951) 525-5101 for merchant cash advance live transfer leads.

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