9 Ways To Generate Merchant Cash Advance Leads

October 16, 2017
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March 18, 2017
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October 16, 2017

Many companies offering to fund businesses with merchant account are always out looking for merchant cash advance leads. Companies that are able to succeed here will grow faster and leave another struggling. As a new company in this industry or even if you’ve been in the industry and you don’t get enough leads, it’s time to learn something new.

 There are several ways to generate Merchant Cash advance leads for your business 

The Target Market Should Be The Main Focus:


Define what your target market is and pursue it. You should narrow your market so that you don’t follow up on everyone and any business.

This will help you get quality leads that are easy to convert.

By defining your market, you will be able to produce marketing materials that are relevant to one group and will be able to respond to their needs faster.

A wider market will have varied needs because it has several markets thus not easy to target.

Optimize Everything for Merchant Cash Advance Leads:

Whether it’s a page, post, image or video, ensure you optimize it so that it can achieve a higher ranking.

This is one thing that many companies fail to do. They optimize texts and ignore optimizing images and videos.

Research shows that people tend to spend more time on web pages with multiple contents including pictures and infographics.

You should also optimize your company page on the local business page so that it shows up on the local listing.

Use the right keywords and phrases and gradually your business will attract MCA leads on its own.

Improve Inbound Content:

inbound-mca-leads-proYou should concentrate on creating optimized content and publishes them on other websites, blogs, and YouTube so that collectively, they can channel traffic to your website.

Use your own blog to generate a merchant cash advance lead for your business.

You need to ensure that the content on your blog is optimized well and target attracting customers to your page.

You should also optimize your links on social media platforms so that you also gain from these channels.

There are so many ways and areas you can target with your optimized content for you to gain more inbound traffic.

You can guest post on other authority blogs that enjoy massive traffic and you will get more organic traffic.

Push For Call to Action Activity:

Your content should prompt people to take action. Your content should encourage businesses to want to contact you so as to discuss with you the funding opportunity.

You can ask your visitors to like, share your link, bookmark or contact you, it’s a call to action. You can also ask them to subscribe to more updates from you.

If you don’t know how to write content with a good call to action message, it’s better you consult and get someone.

Focus On Follow Up:

merchant-capital-broker-mca-leads-proA lot of leads go to waste or end up in the hands of a competitor because of the inability to follow up a lead.

You should have a mechanism as a business to follow up on every lead.

An example is a company that prompts you to register and leave your phone number but they call you immediately you save your number on their website.

This establishes a connection which when nurtured can bring a sale.

As a business, you should net all the leads you get from all sources and follow them up to see if they can materialize.

Think of leads from social media platforms, optimized content on other blogs and websites, response to an email inquiry or just a web visitor who upon reading the content of your website, is convinced to ask for more.

The way you handle the follow up will influence your sales level.

Ask For Referrals:

People tend to value so much referral from others. If you get referred to a business, you will certainly believe in that business and will go ahead with a transaction you intended to do.

Ask your friends, business partners, friends on social media platforms as well as followers to recommend you.

You can also ask customers to recommend you to others. As a merchant cash advance provider, you will trust by more businesses as a result of these referrals.


You can use telemarketing to reach out to potential leads.

You can get phone numbers of potential customers based on the target market and call them.

This has worked for some while others it has not worked.

Live Transfers:

This is also another way to get Merchant Cash Advance Leads which you can try.

This is where a merchant cash advance lead generator comes in place.

A good lead generator is able to generate leads and pass them over to you to process.

It costs some little money but you can get a lot of quality leads from such live transfers.

Pay-per-click or PPC Merchant Cash Advance Leads:

online-marketing-mca-leads-proThis is a good method of getting some MCA leads.

It’s good to note that this method can be expensive for many and may not be sustainable.

You can run adverts on a medium like radio adverts, newspaper adverts, and pay per click on major search engines like Google, Bing or social media giant Facebook; all of these will bring you a mass number of prospects.

Having listed all these nine methods of generating merchant cash advance leads, you need to ask yourself, which ones among these nine can I use?

There are high chances that you will only pick a few methods and use them.

Personally, regardless of the methods, you pick you should not leave out MCA leads generator.

There is no company so competent in generating merchant cash advance leads than MCA leads generator.

To Conclude:

They use all the methods and continue to invent more methods to generate quality leads.

Unlike social media sharing which can bring all manner of leads, merchant cash advance leas generator look at your market and deploy multiple strategies to deliver quality leads. Whether you have some working strategies that generate leads for you or you are beginning, MCA leads generator is a partner in this business and you should not operate without having one to generate leads for you.

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