Merchant cash advance leads wanted? Everything you need to know

Jason Hunt
November 22, 2017

Lead generating companies are experiencing record numbers in efficiency, thanks to the Internet.

Even as short as a decade ago, marketing for wanted merchant cash advance leads was more productive in a local setting. MCA isn’t an industry that needs to be localized at all though as it’s a global niche already.

Merchant cash advance lead generator can be optimized with online marketing. You’ll want to take a look at the merchant before providing the capital, but that’s a one-time trip that can reap thousands of dollars in a short time.

Forget state, most wanted merchant cash advance leads aren’t even available in the same country.

So how does the Internet help us reaching out and attracting business owners looking to generate instant capital?

The simplest answer is via diversity.
Websites, social media, online forums, etc. are legit marketplaces where people are actively searching for leads on merchant cash advances. Just ‘being there’ isn’t enough – here’s how we turn these sensitive and valuable information into solid leads.

What is a Lead?

A lead is the name and phone number of a business that has applied for merchant cash advance in the past or has at least shown interest. Repeat customers are your best option when searching for cash advance investment options as they’ve the ability to repay capital loans within the agreed time period. It’s a sound strategy to seek out new customers moving forward –but infant businesses can be harder to qualify for loans.

A previous customer who has paid off their cash advance and is looking for instant revenue gets qualified instantly.

Why Are Merchant Cash Advance Leads Wanted?


It’s important to note the different type of merchant cash advance programs whom we provide leads for. One of the most common practices include having the cash advance repaid in monthly stipends based on an individual’s credit card statements. ACH options are also preferred because they provide daily payments from the ‘automated clearing house’.

Once the daily ACH batch is done, money is instantly deposit into your account. If you get enough of these ACH clients on your payroll, it’s a nice way to collect a significant revenue daily.

It’s not hard to see why you may be thinking of getting into the MCA business. There are very few investment opportunities that can provide you a weekly or even daily source of income earned passively. Compare merchant cash advances to the popular investment property. You’ve not only to worry about building upkeep, but also get paid only once a month.  Investors have to deflate profit margin to compensate property managers, HVAC repairs, etc. With a merchant cash advance, you pay out the money only once, then you get paid on every sale the business owner makes.

There’s also the ‘feel good’ aspect of MCAs in that you’re helping a business owner gain instant capital. This may provide jobs and keep spending in a community.

Are MCA Leads Risky?

The leads themselves are not risky because they are pre-qualified and because merchant cash advances is the only industry that generates leads continuously. Merchant cash advance has less associated risks because you’re paid back on per sale basis. The payments are automated and the only way you don’t get paid is when the business owners don’t make sales.

no risks

Something that is important to consider when you’re investigating wanted merchant cash advance leads is that many of the merchants aren’t obtaining the instant loan as a last means. In fact, most times the very opposite prevails. Your potential customers are actually savvy business owners that understand the limitations involved in traditional financing . With the solutions for MCA, the lender and lendee work out terms of the payback whereas banks are often ‘set in stone’ for the terms and conditions they maintain.

People are fleeing from traditional currency to bitcoin because they realize the dollar (or euro or yen) is at the mercy of government and financial regulations. In a way, merchant cash advances are the bitcoin of lending.

One of the best things about working with MCALeads is that we take a majority of the risk out of MCA. The reason our wanted merchant cash advances  work is due to the high quality as well as double verified info the leads contain. When you contact the names and numbers on our list, you’ll be getting in touch with legitimate personnel. These people have sought for information about increasing their capital in the fastest way possible.

Clients Typical To Merchant Cash Advance Leads Wanted

Your most common type of merchant cash advance lead is going to be somebody new in the market. This doesn’t mean they aren’t established though. In order to break into an existing market, fresh companies need to make a name for themselves at first. The MCA may be to increase marketing and advertising.

Not all contacts of wanted merchant cash advance leads are new; however, they may be businesses who have all their assets tied up for equipment, vehicles, machinery, etc. These companies want to pay off some of the incurred loans so they can expand. Some companies require capital for expanding their product line or might be needing more staff for increasing production rate.

Either way the desire for a merchant cash advance is to meet new growth – which is a good thing.

Feel free to contact our team if you have specific questions on how our merchant cash advance leads get qualified first before prices get attached. Conversion thus leads to growth in terms of business, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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