Merchant Cash Advance CRM for Automation and Lead Generation

July 30, 2018

To what extent can a CRM facilitate a Merchant Cash Advance program?

The Merchant Cash Advance CRM is similar to any other Customer Relationship Management software, in addition to a few unique functionalities. The features include capturing leads, nurturing those leads, underwriting loans following the compilation of leads, and most importantly generating a report at the end of a life cycle for borrowers.

Lend money, fill up a form, collect feedback, compile data, and integrate software to automate the process

Due to the rapid growth of the MCA industry ($0 to a whopping $10.7bn) in 2015, automation can help to streamline the system for everyone.

So, let’s dig deeper and find out some of the top-rated merchant cash advance CRM that is capable of reducing expenses while raising your profit at the same time.

HES Lending Platform:

One-size fits all software that functions with all business loan schemes.

A highly reliable business lending software equipped with an advanced algorithm that provides maximum security during transactions.

The technicalities ingrained into the software are remarkably flexible, meaning, it allows you to tweak every component based on your terms and conditions.

Outstanding customer support, in fact, will always answer your calls whenever you might need them.

In case of a bug in the software, you could either contact support yourself or reprogram the software if you have basic knowledge of programming.

Moreover, the software has turned the entire documentation process remarkably transparent between parties of interest.

In addition to the flexible open-sourced nature of this merchant cash advance CRM, the team has employed experienced financial advisers to help you make the right investment decision.

  • Pricing starts at $25,000 (one-time pricing) and you will receive complete documentation as well as training via Live support


They are a part of EGroup EU offering a streamlined loan management software for businesses of all scale.

An advanced algorithm capable of assessing the likely possibility for loan repayment

Their latest CreditOnline API is the key to a more efficient way to provide business loans through efficient content management systems, like Joomla, Symfony or anything you’re using right now.

They are offering 3 different software packages starting from

START       STANDARD        PROFESSIONAL       Peer-2-Peer        ENTERPRISE

The merchant cash advance CRM allows you to serve 500,000 applicants per month, a pre-emptive solution completely unattainable without the power of technology.

  • Most importantly, you can integrate this software into your existing ERP, which can further save on a separate HR management.


They call it the “Friends & Family Lending Platform” through which you can easily monitor as well as provide loans, remind prospects about different repayment options, generate reports as well as enjoy exciting benefits.

Monitor, remind, and connect with borrowers as well as lenders worldwide using one CRM

In addition to its formal user interface, you can also use it as a tool to connect with other lenders, brokers, and of course, borrowers worldwide.

  • One could also utilize the tool to create an investment pool similar to the existing life insurance scheme.

Furthermore, they have apps currently available on the Play Store to help you monitor leads as you're on the go.


Its Workload Management Solution is a remarkably simple way of tracking as well as managing due dates for filing/underwriting loans.

CRM that reminds borrowers about possible dues and design continuous flow of cash movement at for lenders

The automated merchant cash advance CRM is quite an ingenious tool that does not let you skip a filing date; thus, ensuring a smooth flow of your cash.

The software for MCA is fully customizable based on your need, lets you assign multiple filings, improve workflow, generate a clearer report and print them. Truly efficient in designating tasks for individual employees.

  • Unlike the existing software, TValue has a friendlier UX & UI capable of running different models for multiple clients at the same time.

To calculate interest, all you need to do is simply input the numbers and press calculate.


A cloud-based loan management software (LMS) designed for small-medium enterprises only.

Lenders are able to monitor as well as keep track of every type of loan either for a personal, cash advance or even for students they have given out.

Fully customizable loan software can be integrated into websites.

You can integrate different payment gateways, verify the creditworthiness of different prospects by cross-checking from the international credit bureau, nurture and generate leads, and even create open-sourced APIs for your website.

  • When crediting and debiting accounts get too much tedious work, the SparkLMS ACH Process Feature can get amazingly useful.

You can easily automate the file-uploading feature for different formats with a single click.

LA Pro:

Online invoice generation functionality inside its built-in technology

The software is engineered using Microsoft technology; hence, providing maximum security at the same time. Designed to accommodate lenders of all industries that include banks, NGOs, and even MCA lenders.

Above-average functionality with a friendly interface and user experience that’s bound to delight you.

Furthermore, if your organization is already using a business loan lending software then simply integrate its API if you wish to check invoices online.

24/7 customer service is always willing to help whenever you might need them.

As a lender, it allows you to customize reports, regardless of the number of credit unions you could be working with right now. Apart from occasional glitches, it has also proven to be efficiently smart.


It’s worth mentioning that the majority of the software discussed above is still in its beta stage; hence, bugs and occasional glitches are likely.

This is exactly why the merchant cash advance CRM has inbuilt Live customer support to assist you in overcoming problems during software usage.

Each of the merchant cash advance CRM discussed above can lower your expenses significantly if you can implement them.

On a different note, if you’re currently looking for promising business options to multiply your resources, MCA Leads Pro is here to deliver double-verified leads that have solid chances for conversion.

MCA leads software with all-time live support to solve any issues in real-time

Software glitches are common, and things can turn worse if the user experience isn’t favorable. In such cases, a feasible option would be to seek help from a well-rounded call center that understands how the core functionalities of merchant cash advance CRM.

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