Get The Most Of MCA Marketing With Aged Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Jason Hunt
April 5, 2018
Aged merchant cash advance leads have generated better ROI for MCA companies over the years. It’s true that a real-time lead has greater chances of conversion, but the hefty expenses are a major drawback. Aged MCA leads, on the other hand, are moderately feasible to afford. You can buy 35 aged leads for the price of one real-time lead.

– Cost-savvy!

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How Aged MCA Leads Will Help In Your MCA Marketing Campaign?

With a rising trend among new and small businesses looking for funds to boost their operating capital, competition between MCA providers is rising. This has made lead generation more difficult than it used to be.

Therefore, to make lead generation effortless, many businesses have started providing MCA leads directly to Merchant Cash Advance providers.

  • It saves them the time as well as the effort from door to door looking for prospects.
  • Aged MCA leads providers to handover MCA mailing lists that possess high chances of converting.
 Not only that, but these lead providers also present business profiles files that show all the details you need to know until you feel confident about getting your return. 

Classified Profiling and Market Research

Lead generation is done by initiating an effective marketing campaign. However, finding ideal leads is not a walk in the park.

Extensive market research is essential to find the perfect leads that have chances of converting. To capture the right leads the following attributes have been researched on:

  • Size of the Organization
  • Industry
  • Budget
  • Market Reputation

You need to focus on these attributes to determine if the business is of the right caliber to be trusted with your money.

Aged MCA lead providers perform this research for you.

They provide a list of strong leads with powerful company profiles.

You can easily count on them to give you the data you need to improve sales.

Segmenting businesses based on their credit-worthiness

Multi-Channel Engagements

Telemarketing is a traditional marketing tool that is still being used by many MCA providers to generate leads. However, lead generation can also be done on various digital platforms like social media networks, emails, blogs, and business websites.

  • Instead of hiring a marketing team to pull off campaigns on all these platforms, you can opt to buy a list of aged MCA leads.
  • It is essential for aged merchant cash advance leads to engage with customers on all virtual platforms.
  • Aged merchant cash advance leads contain a diversified list of businesses that are seriously in need of urgent capital.
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That way conversions be done from all corners.

Credentialed Meetings

  • With the help of MCA lead providers, you won’t have to go through the hassle of making cold calls to buyers to figure out their potential.
  • They won’t offer you leads of any infant businesses, or prospects that fall into any DNC lead lists.
  • One of the key benefits that MCA lead providers can offer you is, the leads they provide are qualified as well as verified.
Appointment setting for MCA loan scheme

The MCA lead generation services keep business goals at priority and set up an effective marketing campaign to bring you the best buyers for cash advances.

Experience and familiarity with merchant cash advance leads

Probably one of the most important reasons for considering the services offered by MCA lead generators are the number of years spent in this field of work.

You can’t expect to find hundreds of cash advance buyers on your first day of work.

It takes years of hard work and research to come up with business records that can be used for reaching out to prospects.

MCA providers like MCA Leads Pro, have more than years of experience in providing services to numerous professionals. They have a list of the probable buyers eager to receive funding at the right rate.

  Before hunting down a reliable aged MCA lead provider, always check their experience to be sure that you will get flawless leads from them.  

Aged Leads Vs. Real-Time Leads Vs. Live Transfer Leads

The only difference between all three types of leads is age. An aged lead is 30+ days old, while real-time and live transfers are exclusive and in need of cash advance ASAP!

You’ll hear from many advertisements that real-time leads and live transfer leads give you better results; however, if you calculate the difference in prices between all three types of leads you’ll figure, buying bulk aged leads is the best option.

It’s not just about prices; the quantity factor also plays a vital role.

  • If you can buy 35 aged leads for the price of 1 real-time lead, you obviously have more chances of selling your service.
  • If that one real-time user refuses to buy your cash advance, you’ll be left with nothing.
  • Use your limited budget to buy bulk aged merchant cash advance leads for as low as $1.
Years of experience in the MCA industry build greater credibility and know-how.

On the other hand, aged leads give you more opportunities to increase your sales.

Avoid spending your marketing budget on running expensive promotional campaigns to generate leads on your own.

Switch Over to Buying Aged MCA Lead to Lower Costs

We often think that higher prices mean better quality; however, that’s not the thing when it comes to real time or live transfer leads.

  • Aged MCA lead allows you to buy leads in high volume that increase your chances of conversion by ten times.
  • Higher performance is derived by making better lead purchases, not costly ones.
  • Make a smarter choice by opting to buy aged merchant cash advance leads and improve your sales in a short time.
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You can expect to find many potential customers with the help of lead providers, due to rising demand for short-term loans. Lead providers should focus on providing you with interested and qualified leads. Get in touch with MCA Leads Pro today, to get your hands on 110% exclusive leads that can take your business to a new level.

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