MCA Live Transfer Leads Processing

Our processing for MCA Live Transfer leads is quite simple yet remarkably efficient at the same time. Our lead generation executives will call and follow up with merchants to qualify their respective profiles following a set of criteria. Once qualified, they will be asked to fill out the application form, so our Execs are able to transfer the call over to the capital broker after rechecking the merchant's background. Every lender will have to undergo a 3-way conference call, where the Executive will introduce every broker with the owner of a business. The lender takes over the call upon verification of the merchant as well as their credit-worthiness before sending them and MCA Live Transfer Leads.



Leads are

100% Exclusive

In Business for

Min. 1 Year

Min. $15k Monthly Sales
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What is MCA Live Transfer Leads?

Merchant Cash Advance is the fastest method of ensuring loans for any business in today's financial market. For marketing this category of loans, lenders have adopted entirely different marketing approaches starting with Email Marketing, Electronic Media Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Voice Mail Broadcasting, Search Engine Marketing, etc. But among these methods, most lenders have found optimum success by trying our MCA Live Transfer Leads. The reason why it's called Live Transfer Leads is because of the leads generation process that is currently practiced. When a lead vendor qualifies a merchant according to their qualification criteria basing on a Merchant's consent then that prospect is taken to be an MCA Live Transfer Lead. Working Capital Brokers will be receiving calls from the qualified merchants only and are willing to apply for a business loan right away.

All Business Owners

  • Over $15,000 Monthly Bank Deposit
  • Over 1 Year in Business
  • DNC & TCPA Compliant
  • Need Money As Soon As Possible (Max in 30 Days)