Avoiding the Most Common Tax Blunders at the Last Minute

Jason Hunt
June 29, 2022

The 18th of April has gone, and some of you are still working on tax filings and submissions. Have you ever observed that when you’re in a hurry, you make the majority of your mistakes? So, what is the long-term answer to these problems?

Waiting till the last minute raises the probability of making an error; therefore, it’s critical to have everything in place. Today, in this blog, we will try to cover all the major but stupid blunders that usually happen at the last minute of tax filing.

So let’s dive right in

Before you file, there are specifics

There are a few things you should be aware of as a tax filer. To begin, you can file for free through the IRS free file partners.

If you file correctly on time, you will get a refund within 21 days. Corrections may cost you more money.

At a conference, the IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig stated,

To minimize delays, people should make sure they record the right amount on their tax returns.
If the IRS discovers any incoherent amount on your tax return, they will send letters to the taxpayers, who will then have to wait for a settlement.

Chuck Rettig

8 useful tips to avoid common mistakes while filling in the IRS tax form –

File On Time

According to the IRS, a large majority of filers wait until the last minute to file their income tax returns. If you’re one among them, make sure to submit your papers on time.

You may run out of time while filing documents at the last minute, but you can still request an extension by settling tax dues before the last date.

Fill up the form accurately –

Correctly fill in your income tax forms. Don’t leave any boxes blank, don’t enter any incorrect data, and double-check your account numbers.

Also, double-check that you’re using the correct form. The Internal Revenue Service has made Form 1040 available to all taxpayers. The 1040A and 1040EZ tax forms are not accepted anymore.

Incorrect information might cause your return to be delayed, as well as penalties and interest for late payments.

Fill Up the Form

Carefully calculate your tax return in the IRS tax form –

When preparing your tax return, remain cautious of the math. We encounter scenarios where a file may fail due to minor mathematical errors.

In our earlier life, we used to make several minor mistakes in our math papers, such as adding or subtracting incorrectly, placing decimals in the wrong place, turning negative numbers positive, and making positive numbers negative, all of which resulted in a huge zero.

Yes, math is the same way. If you rush at the last minute, you have a good chance of substantially altering your tax return.

Extra Care When Calculating

However, if the IRS catches your math mistake, it will send you a correction notice. Obviously, corrections necessitate more funds.

Mark Correct Status

There are five different options to fill up your status.

  • Single
  • Married filing jointly
  • Married filing separately
  • Head of household and
  • Widow (er) with a dependent child qualifies

When filling out selections, be careful. A mistake might result in you owing extra money.

Tax or merchant cash advance software can help you understand and choose the best choice.

Note down your Social Security Number or SSN

It's possible that your Social Security Number might be incorrect or amiss in your tax return file; therefore, make a comparison between your SSN and the one on your card, especially for wives and children.

After the IRS stopped including Social Security numbers in tax packages due to privacy concerns, some filers forget to fill them in.

Your SSN is required for multiple transactions, including income statements, deductions, and/or credits.

If your security number is incorrect, the processing of your return may be delayed, or your return may not process at all.

Proper deduction of charitable contribution -

Donations can be made in a variety of ways, in the form of either cash or other means. There might be significant tax breaks, but taxpayers often overlook them.

Alternatively, they might make a mistake when it comes to philanthropic giving.

These errors might lower your return or cause you to owe additional taxes; however, careful calculation of deductions by adhering to contribution for tax requirements.

Do not miss the required signature -

If you're in a hurry, you'll most likely miss out on signing the returns, and it doesn't matter if it's your signature or your spouse's signature.

 If either is missing, the transaction is ruled illegitimate; therefore, thoroughly check your return statement before submission, and if you're using a tax return software that fills in the signature, then double-check. 

Perform a Cross-Checking Procedure


Although you can have your tax paper checked with the online tax partner software, it’s always suggested that you check the entire form yourself. Here, we've made a list of questions you should ask before filing the final return.

  • Check the spelling of your name
  • Check if the social security number is correct
  • Have you done the calculations correctly?
  • Did you accurately put your employer's EIN (employer identification number) on your 1099 or W2?
  • Check if your bank account information is correct
  • Check If you've put the signatures correctly


By deferring tax return preparation until the last moment, you raise your chances of making mistakes. And, as we've previously stated, even tiny errors can result in huge issues with your tax return. So, in this article, we've addressed most of the problems individuals make when they rush to file their tax returns.

Hopefully, this writing will assist you in preparing a top-notch tax return and then filing it.

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