How MCA Leads Companies Save You Time and Money

Jason Hunt
November 21, 2017

One of the biggest hesitations our customers have when questioned to purchase MCA leads is if they are really worth the money? It’s not hard to imagine putting in the time and effort to chase down quality leads on your own. After all, obtaining information on customers in the market for a merchant cash advance is the only way to grow your own business.

Could you gain leads by yourself? Of course. At the end of the day all the time, effort, and energy you put in would just have you with the same information as purchasing MCA Leads. You may look at obtaining leads on your own as ‘free’ but that is rarely the case. For one, you’re spending valuable time on chasing down these leads. Plus there are few times when obtaining this information won’t cost you some money in the terms of:

  • Marketing or sales personnel (full or part time) which requires wages, benefits, etc.
  • Web hosting and programmer fees for in-bound marketing to a web site.
  • Printing fees for pamphlets.
  • Advertising fees for print or media.

In many cases you’re going to spend more trying to save money gaining MCA leads on your own. Plus, the quality of these leads is less than what you’d get just by purchasing the information from MCALeads.

Qualified MCA Leads

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing a lead generation company is that you know the names and numbers in the database are legitimate. It would be easy for a lead generation business to simply ‘rip out a page from the phone book.’ Realistically that doesn’t benefit anybody involved. Our goal with supplying leads is three pronged:

  • Build up our own reputation by providing high quality leads that convert.
  • Expand your portfolio by giving you viable information for investing.
  • Allow the merchants seeking a cash advance to get the funding that they need to expand their workforce, product line, or facilities.

The only way any of us can actually gain something from the interactions is by starting with high quality, pre-qualified MCA leads. These leads become qualified by first making sure they are a legitimate company. We then vet that the company is actually in the market for a merchant cash advance. After determining what they are in search of, we check on some of their eligibility issues. Are their recent bankruptcies, outstanding liens, a reputation of poor financing? . Once these MCA leads are qualified, it’s your job to swoop in and provide them the funding they need at the terms you determine. This process is very detailed and doing it ‘in house’ demands additional labor and resources.

Exhausting Every Lead


You’d be surprised at the randomness in which MCA leads can sprout up. Iur efforts are very specialized in obtaining these leads to begin with. We also think it’s crucial to exhaust a lead on every potential customer. Just as the qualifying aspect of our leads is very in-depth, we believe there is such a thing as ‘pre-unqualifying.’

We like to think of lead obtaining as ‘hunting’ for asparagus. Is there such a thing as a good haul? Of course. With more attention to detail and extra efforts can you increase your intake? Oh yeah. MCALeads feels that it’s important to exhaust every lead first so you can increase your earning potential. The effort also aids customers who legitimately need the capital that you can provide.

Extended Customer Support

customer support

Another crucial way that MCALeads can save you time and money is with our extended customer support. If potential customers have questions about merchant cash advances, we are there to give them in-depth answers. This is done within a business day and often in real-time. We provide multiple ways to access our information including email, live chat, phone, and a web FAQ section.

In fact when these customers reach out to us for information, they become a quality lead. The best potential for an MCA customer is one that is in the market for a merchant cash advance and has done their own homework. Leads can also be referred by financial institutions. However an interested customer is the perfect lead.

Leads Are Exclusive

A huge benefit of our service is that the leads we provide you are exclusive. We don’t feel like saturating the market by providing our leads to numerous merchant cash advance companies is very good for business. For one, these businesses will be frustrated with exhausting their efforts with no return. On top of that, customers who are inundated with cold call after cold call are more apt to reject merchant cash advances altogether.

There for our leads are exclusive and it is your sole opportunity to act on them. This works wonders by making you the authority on any MCA questions they might have and by being the only contact they have if they do opt to move forward with the services. Plus, providing exclusive leads gives you the ability to negotiate a deal on your terms and not having to bid based on competitor’s quotes.

100% Contact Ratio

Finally you know that investing in our MCA leads is worth it because we provide you with a 100% contact ratio. If a lead is determined defunct you don’t have to pay for it. In fact, we offer many different terms to the service such as offering you the ability to pay for leads with a one time fee, or negotiate commission based terms paid out based on the business deal that you come up with.

In the MCA leads industry it’s good to have options and the ability to purchase high quality, pre-qualified leads is one of the best choices out there.

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