A Diversified Search Criteria Can Help You Find MCA Leads

December 7, 2017

We’ve always stressed on the importance of qualified clients that need to fetch MCA leads. Potential borrowers need to be present in the market for atleast a year before a loan can get approved by a broker, the same individual that will judge the creditworthiness of every borrower seeking for business loan leads.

Ideally a company must be in business for an extended period of time with no previous cases for bankruptcy, and or any other banking defaults. Approved loans would be strictly used for business expansion and capital growth, but not for startups.

If a borrower has already carved out a niche in their industry, it makes the merchant cash advance a less volatile experience.

Obviously, simply because a business doesn’t meet every aspect of your search criteria doesn’t mean it has zero potential to succeed. You could either consider expanding the search criteria – or look at it as a smarter means MCA leads collection.

Banks and traditional lending organizations have in many cases already ‘blacklisted’ numerous companies with preposterous terms and conditions for brokers– hence, refrain from following such recommended ill advice.

What does expanding lending criteria mean?

When you find MCA leads, understand that there are going to be different tiers of contacts.

Some of them will be freshly updated and the remaining will be aged leads, among which many will be classified as slightly ‘riskier’ than that of the fresh live transfers for as low as $45!

There are certain criteria most lead generating companies abide by in order to create a list of people/businesses that are more likely to convert. Some of these factors might include:

  • In business a minimum of one year
  • Generates a minimum amount of income in a month (usually $10k to $15k)
  • Only for traditional businesses (retail, restaurant, etc)
  • Borrower has checking, savings account
  • No bankruptcy in three years following the start of a business
  • Credit score limits
  • Must not have existing loans

Taking these ‘traditional’ factors into account, it’s not hard to see what an expanded search criteria to finding MCA leads means.

Here is how each of these factors can be modified to an extent that it enables casting the widest merchant cash advance net as possible.

Must be operating for a year at least

Business longevity is one of the most crucial factors in a company’s ability to repay a merchant cash advance. An ideal MCA client will have to be operating for at least 5-10 years for generating a desired working capital.

Taking advantage of the trends in marketing for attracting more employees is definitely good for business. Most MCA lenders set that benchmark at a minimum of one year of successful operation to become qualified.


Expanding your search criteria to help you find MCA leads might mean taking a chance in most businesses that have operated for three to six months. Ideally these companies require saving adequate capital before going ‘live’ without realizing circumstances.

Maybe the only provider of that service in town is no longer in business. Retirement, death, etc. are just couple of reasons to go broke. A borrower saw an opening that needed to be filled ASAP.

This is one example when a company doesn’t need much longer for repaying their borrowed sum of money.

Generates a minimum sum of revenue a year

Is there really a big difference between a company that generates $15k-a-month or three other companies generating $5k-a-month?

Obviously the higher the revenue, the better chances for repaying loans while maintaining the desired profit margin. This also extends to paying utilities, payroll, rent, etc.

During the age of the internet, there are numerous companies surviving solely on what is known as ‘brain overhead.’ Instead of selling products, their specialties include designing websites and/or graphics.

Who knows, maybe these same companies might be looking for more funding for brand new computers?

Traditional borrowing businesses

Once again you need to consider taking into account of unconventional industries needed to find MCA leads. The general industries for merchant cash advances mainly include restaurants, retail shops, and manufacturing facilities.

Nowadays companies such as marijuana dispensaries, eBay sellers, food trucks, coffee shops may require funding too. Lending money to merchants is a lot like playing the stock market – it’s good to know what’s trendy.

Borrowers’ past financial story

There’s a slippery slope when it comes to find MCA leads.

How much stock do you tie with a business owner’s past related to their present or future? Credit score, bankruptcy, existing loans, etc. are all issues to be weighed when deciding to expand the lending criteria.

Just note that not all past financial issues should deem as instant write off of a potential merchant cash advance client.

Bad credit arises from identifying theft or a business partner with wrong motives.

Divorces, gambling problems, and bad investing advice are also examples of past mistakes. That being said, you are required to look into an owner’s past financial records as well as the business.

Find MCA leads summary

Ideally every lead will qualify as a ‘perfect’ lead but as you’ve probably found out that’s not always the case. In order to expand your business, you sometimes need to expand your criteria of search.

Ideally your portfolio of merchant cash advance clients will include a bit of everything – high-value, aged, and risky. MCALeads Pro can help you obtaining each of these categories of business loan leads wanted at extremely reasonable prices that are bound to convert for improving your sales.

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