How To Generate Business Cash Advance Leads With A Low Marketing Budget

The merchant cash advance industry is booming and the Green Sheet estimated that the merchant cash advances crossed the $500-700 million mark in 2013; moreover, it has the potential to reach a whopping $3-4 billion in the upcoming years.

It further indicates that while the MCA industry experienced a roughly 40% growth in 2012 with new MCA providers entering the market in hopes of taking advantage of the rather booming MCA industry.

With new loan providers emerging each day, the market has become overpopulated.

Considering this, it is equally important now for MCA providers to focus on ways they can keep their businesses afloat and continue to make sales.

If you have been a part of the MCA industry for a while, then you must be aware of the aggressive competition here.

However, the right tactics implemented at the right time, MCA lead generating companies can boost your business growth drastically.

Lead generation techniques can be expensive sometimes, but here are a few ways a business can generate business cash advance leads even with a limited budget.

Identifying the Audience:target-niche-mca-leads

Before you target a niche, you need to have a clear understanding about their taste and purpose for streamlining your lead generation efforts, since not everyone is likely to fit the description of your ideal customer base.

One of the common mistakes that business owners make is to include just about everyone in their targeted audience.

In doing so, not only does it impact their ability to attract qualified MCA leads, but it also wastes valuable time and resources chasing after poor quality leads.

It is recommended that you carry out research that will further assist in creating buyer personas of your ideal target customer, and narrow down your target list to only those that can be converted sales more rapidly in a short time.

Using Lead Magnets For Business Cash Advance Leads:


Simply setting up a “sign up” page or form may not be enough to acquire MCA trigger leads and MCA sales leads.

This is when a lead magnet could be really useful for attracting more reliable prospects.

Lead magnets are described as an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to prospects in exchange for their contact information.

They help in promoting your services by enticing users into commencing business agreement with you in the future.

But first, learn how to use these simple tips before introducing a lead magnet into play:

  • Ensure that your lead magnet is easy-to-understand and specific.
  • Instead of offering a 200-page eBook discussing how MCA services can help a business grow, a simple 5-page guide can stir the same emotion in your audience.
  • Offer something that the visitor can avail instantly.
  • Instead of offering a bunch of small things, you should offer one thing of a higher value.
  • Make sure that whatever you’re offering looks posh and clearly define every reason for customers willing to buy them.

Lead magnets are an effective persuasion technique for attracting people to visit your website and provide personal information that is later verified using in house telemarketing support for qualified MCA leads; naturally, we don’t deal with unverified info.

With the help of lead magnets, you can boost the number of visitors willing to provide their personal email address or contact info to your website.

This means that you have the unique opportunity to make them part of your mailing list and can reach out on a monthly or weekly basis to successfully converting them into clients.

Optimizing Content on Your Website:seo-lead-generation-mca-leads-pro

A well-designed website is not enough to help you generate business cash advance leads.

According to the Internet live stats, up to 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day.

With a large chunk of these searches being made by consumers in search of business loan leads or products, optimizing the content on your site is more important now than ever before.

Further emphasizing the importance of optimized content, research by Chitika highlights that page #2 of search engine results only attract 5% of the search traffic, with the page #1 enjoying the attention of 95% of all search engine users.

The key to generating organic web traffic is to improve your content and thoroughly optimizing your site.

It is recommended to business owners that they perform thorough keyword research, and also add new keywords with high search volumes within the existing contents while maintaining relevancy and avoiding keyword stuffing.

Create a Follow-Up Plan:

Most business owners think that they have a rather strong follow-up plan in place; however, planning to call everyone that shows interest in doing business with you is anything but a plan.


It is important that business owners together with their sales team at least once a week for catching up with newer updates related to the business that have compiled throughout the week.

Moreover, businesses should create a proper follow-up plan that provides a process flow from the time a potential lead contacts your business either through your website or social media page, to the instant your team converts the individual into a sale.

Today’s merchant cash advance industry is more competitive than ever before.  With MCA service providers finding it increasingly difficult to identify their potential customers, as a result, competing for a very limited customer base.

Therefore, the active flow of business cash advance leads can help them stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re a merchant cash advance provider and struggling with your business, then seek help from professional lead generating vendors such as MCA Leads Pro.


They are providing access to a pool of merchants exclusively waiting for financial assistance from an MCA service provider with high quality and double verified business loan leads.

Ditch having to fight with your competitors, and start working with real people in urgent need of help to grow your business.

At MCA Leads Pro, we offer a collection of the most credible leads available in the industry to match the unique needs of your business.

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