Examining the Different Kinds of Merchant Cash Advances Leads

December 6, 2017

As you may know by now, borrowing for merchant cash advances leads relies greatly on the quality of your contact info. You probably also know that a lead is contact information which might include a business name, company owner, address, and a few other readily available factoids. These leads are what you use to contact the company, educate them on merchant cash advances, and ultimately sell them on obtaining capital through your services.

There may be a lot of unanswered questions about leads, however. First of all, where do they come from? Your best bet for finding potential clients for merchant cash advances is by using a lead generation company. At MCALeads Pro, for example, we supply high-quality leads that are pre-qualified. We are experts in merchant cash advances only. Some lead generating companies serve a smorgasbord of clients in all different industries.

You may have some more specific inquiries about exactly where this contact information emanates from. The reason MCA Leads Pro offers such high conversion leads is because of marketing strategies. The best way to find potential MCA clients is when they come to you. This is accomplished by inbound marketing. When potential borrowers search for cash advances online, it means they have a legitimate interest to know more. Using the Internet to drive inbound marketing has become the best way to obtain quality leads – but not the only way.

Different Kinds of Leads

In the merchant cash advance niche, it’s especially important to understand the various kinds of leads. If you are selling loans for home services, for example, every homeowner is a potential client. The clientele is obviously very different and very selective when you talk about businesses wanting loans. Any lead is a good lead, but know that they are different. The three main tiers of leads include:

Information Leads

merchant cash advances leads

An information qualified lead comes from when a potential borrower searches out for more details about the merchant cash advance process. They provide their name, phone number, email, etc. usually because of a free offer or for more info. These info qualified leads are positive in that they provide a contact for people who are actually interested in the MCA services. At the same time, these type of leads is from businesses who are just starting to gather more info about alternative borrowing options. That’s not saying they couldn’t opt in right away, but down the line is more likely.

In many ways, information qualified leads are your most important to act on. For one, they’ve shown interest in the MCA process. That being said, they may also be looking at other forms of borrowing. Who knows what else they searched for? You want to let these leads devour the information a bit, but you also want to make sure to engage to provide them more details that they may seek.

Marketing Leads

Marketing qualified merchant cash advances leads are a little ‘hotter’ because the visitor has done more than just sought out information. The MQL has taken the time to download an e-book, subscribe to a newsletter, watch a YouTube video, etc. The biggest advance that takes place with a marketing qualified lead is a transfer of information and possibly numerous correspondences back and forth to build rapport. The most crucial of all aspects, however, is going from the MQL stage to making the contact a sales qualified lead. You do this by offering the contact a decision. These decisions include a free estimate, demos, coupons, etc.

The decision phase is a bit tougher in the merchant cash advance niche because what can you really offer? If you were in retail, coupons could advance the contact. In the home services niche, a free estimate would get them moving forward. In the MCA field, your biggest assets are free consultations and payback estimates. It might not seem like a way to entice merchant cash advances leads, but these businesses may not have any other borrowing options.

Merchant Cash Advances Leads – Sales Qualified

Once a contact gets pushed to a sales qualified lead, it’s important to act fast in taking them up on their offer. In the merchant cash advance field, there’s going to be a lot of paperwork and details to sort out, but you want to strike while the iron is hot. A company obtaining capital is making a sound business decision, but there can be buyer’s remorse in anything. Use warm leads and a professional sales approach to guide them through the process.

Essentially the steps of going through merchant cash advance leads and turning them into clients is aware, considering, choosing. The reason you choose a company like MCA Leads Pro is that we’ve already taken hundreds if not thousands of visitors down these avenues already. We use our marketing expertise to qualify these leads, and then pass them on to you to offer the services.

Merchant Cash Advances Leads Summary

One thing you’ll note is that leads can come in any manner. They may call you, email you, request your services immediately, seek only pricing information, follow up on an estimate, and more. Your leads are your lifeblood, so treat them as such.

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