What Data is Included in a Merchant Cash Advance Lead

December 11, 2017

You’ve probably heard by now how crucial leads are to growing your merchant cash advance business. It’s the truth, obtaining a merchant cash advance lead of a potential client saves you incredibly on your resources.

Without leads, you’d have to do your own marketing, cold-calling, qualifying, etc. Obtaining viable MCA leads allows you to focus on the sale instead of fretting over the marketing.

In a way, a merchant cash advance lead seems almost magical. You may know what leads are – but what exactly are they?

Here is the information that is included in vetted and verified MCA leads online:

Name of the business owner:

Obviously getting the name of the person you are about to contact would be a big step towards building rapport.

A merchant cash advance lead also includes details such as,

  • business name
  • where the building is located
  • for how long they have been operational
  • monthly average sales, etc.

We try to find out as much about the company as possible.

This might include years in business, past names, past partners, etc; either way, a contact name, and business name are the places to start with.

Business phone or personal contact number:

We give you the phone number of not only the business but also the direct line to the owner if available.

In some companies, the owner is not always situated on-site.

Finding direct contact with the business owner (or other decision-makers) is not guaranteed, but it's always our goal.

Even during these tough times, we remain connected with essential businesses looking for coronavirus small business loans.

Personal email address:

Business owners are busy people and even if we are able to find a direct phone line to their office, you may find yourself playing 'phone tag' for days if not weeks.

Along those same lines, many times a merchant cash advance leads do not want to be questioned about business cold calls on their personal cell phone.

In these cases, an email may be the best way to get in touch with them.

The email that we provide allows both of you to correspond with each other when it is convenient.

 Email exchanges also help build up rapport even before that first phone call, especially, if it's a personal email

This makes the phone call a more personal experience that is more likely to land a sale.

Relationship to the business:

As a broker, you should know how your money is being reinvested for making more.

Our definition of a quality lead is information that puts you in touch with the decision-makers of a company.

Hence, the phone number we provide isn't going to be the standard customer line that can be found on a business web site.

We dig a little deeper to put you in touch with the decision-maker of a company.

This information is contained in the MCA lead under the category 'relationship to the business.'

Many times this contact is the business owner but in some instances, it may be a CEO, general manager, or financial manager.

Either way, the reason our leads are quality is that they allow you to connect with the right individual at a more personal level.

It's hard to gain a client talking to a counter attendant or an administrative assistant.

Requested amount of capital sought by an owner:

Another vital piece of information that is included in an MCA lead is the amount of funding that a business may be seeking.

It's having all this data readily available that makes obtaining leads from a lead generation company so worthwhile.

Do you want to focus your portfolio on a select few larger cash advances?

Would you rather have a high volume of lower-numbered loans? Is it a mix that you seek?

Knowing how much capital business is seeking in their cash advance allows you to create a strategy of who to contact and which companies to pursue more diligently.

Reason for procuring working capital loans:

A detail that is very important for merchant cash advance lenders is finding why the loan is needed.

A company could have a variety of reasons for needing fast capital.

  • Are they expanding? Did the company get behind on payroll or other bills?
  • Is there an opportunity for market growth that is vital to strike on now?

The reasons that you want to acknowledge are purely a personal choice.

Either way, it's nice to know 'why' a company is seeking funding.

Amount of existing loans out now:

Something else that may be of concern is how many loans business has out presently.

Showing income is one thing, but how many hands have to be fed from that number?

Sometimes this personal information is hard to come by, but it's another reason why our merchant cash advance lead generation is the best in the business.

Want to loan businesses in this pandemic

When is the money wanted?

In the merchant cash advance lead generation business, it's actually recommended that the company wants the cash advance sooner rather than later.

A standard timeline is six months or less.

This ensures that the borrower has legitimate plans to go ahead with obtaining the capital and they're not just 'kicking the tires' on the idea.

You can choose to pursue leads that are more long term, but your best success is going to be with a company that wants funding now.

Best time to get in touch with a Merchant Cash Advance Lead

Finally, one piece of information that may seem insignificant but actually holds tremendous value is 'best contact time.' The last thing you want to do is expend more time and resources chasing down a potential client. At the same time, they don't want to feel bothered by your incessant calling and messages.

The 'best time to get in touch' is the under-the-radar hero of the merchant cash advance lead.

Let's not wait further. Pick up your phone right now and dial (951) 525-5101 if you still wish to invest in small businesses operational during this pandemic.

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