How to Choose the Best MCA Leads from the Right Vendor?

April 10, 2018
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April 5, 2018
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April 16, 2018

The merchant cash advance industry has gone mainstream in just a matter of a few years. While this rapid growth indicates an increase in cash flow, it has become more challenging for MCA providers in finding the best mca leads for business.

Consider this: in a FICO flexible environment, there is a possibility for daily funders to hit and exceed the $300 billion mark. If this is true, many MCA service providers barely cover 1% of their targeted customers.


Furthermore, James Shepherd of CC Sales Pro, a firm that trains independent brokers, highlighted,

“There’s a lot of turnover in our industry, whether it’s employees or independent contractors. For every 10 [brokers] who enter the market today, only one will be around six months from now.”

According to an interview conducted by DeBanked with Tom Green and Mozelle Romero of Lendingclub Green, stated MCA companies face more challenges now compared to the past. Many businesses believe that the industry has become saturated and that its growth is only supported by the success of a handful of merchants only.


While MCA leads require that your business spend time and resources for pinpointing your target audience, working with an MCA sales leads vendor will not only save your valuable time but also your energy and valuable resources.

Why You Need an MCA Leads Vendor

Businesses often face challenges with generating leads on their own. If you’re an MCA provider and struggling to generate leads or make sales, you should consider getting in touch with a leads list provider.

Putting up a “merchant cash advance leads wanted” signboard on your office window won’t help you find a qualified leads list provider– you must put aside some time to look for the right service provider to work with.

Most MCA lead providers offer a wide range of lead generation services, such as aged MCA leads, MCA UCC leads, and MCA leads live transfer.

Although most MCA lead providers offer similar services, you need to find the one that best suits your particular business needs.

Aged MCA Leads & Finding the Right Vendor

Now that you have an understanding of how your business can benefit from MCA leads, allow us to let you in on another secret of the trade. You should choose an aged MCA leads vendor to save money on your marketing efforts and generate effective results.

Wondering how MCA aged leads can help your business?

MCA leads are just as important as a traditional lead, but are available in bulk and therefore, are quite inexpensive.


Aged MCA leads are just like normal leads but are slightly older. In simpler terms, they are around 90+ days old and represent a request for quote from a customer who was looking for MCA services but for some reason hasn’t yet received the required financing.

With tough competition and high demand for a constant supply of leads, purchasing aged MCA leads from your vendor is the most pocket-friendly way of growing your business.

Ready to work with an aged MCA leads vendor?

We suggest that you pay special attention to certain key details and carefully select the right provider to help your business grow bigger.

Here are four traits to look for in a reliable merchant cash advance leads provider:

Years of Experience

It is essential that you consider how long your shortlisted MCA lead generation service provider has been operating in the mca-leads-experienceindustry.

While years don’t always represent expertise but they play an important role in determining the level of understanding your desired niche so you could communicate with the decision maker of a company directly.

They Have Access to the Right Clients

It is important for you to review if your prospective merchant cash advance leads generation service holds an impressive database on salesleads that aligns with your ideal client profile.

The firm should have a refined list of clients that includes their contact details such as their phone numbers, address, email IDs, and other relevant info.

Another important thing to note is that the firm should have a lead base that has previously applied for a merchant cash advance and is familiar with the MCA process. Your money must be invested in the right leads sources for an optimum ROI.

Understand Your Approach

When looking for a merchant cash advance leads generation service provider to work with, a clear line of communication is crucial.crm-mca-leads-vendor

The service provider that you select should have a clear understanding of your business-related approach and be aware of the ideal client base you are aiming at.

Offer Follow-Up Services

Your ideal MCA lead provider should not stop after they have provided you with some aged merchant cash advance leads. Instead, they should work alongside your team throughout even after the conversion of aged MCA leads.

It is common for lead generation service providers to escape the scene after providing the leads, despite knowing that most of them would be of little to no help for your business.

A reliable MCA lead provider, on the other hand, will assist your team in keeping track of your leads, further assisting in converting them into customers.

With such a delicate situation in the MCA industry, getting new customers has become essential for MCA service providers.

Whether you are a new loan service entering the market or an already established player in the industry, having access to MCA sales leads can bolster the growth of a business as well as crucial for a steady cash flow.

With the right lead service by your side, MCA providers should be able to focus on devising new strategies to overcome fierce competition and establishing reputation amongst their target audience.

If you’re in search of a good aged MCA leads vendor, MCA Leads Pro promises the highest-level of customer services paired with their guarantee of providing top-quality aged MCA leads.

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