Merchant Cash Advance Leads Generation: Everything You Need to Know

Jason Hunt
May 12, 2018
Finding verified MCA leads for lenders looking to diversify their investment portfolio
The harsh conditions of our economy are making it challenging for businesses to adopt financial support they could once receive through traditional banking support. Bridging the gap between the need for finances while restricting to become eligible for loans, merchant cash advance programs granting quick loans have made it possible for small businesses to purse the funds they often seek.

Merchant cash advance leads (MCAs) are becoming increasingly popular for receiving monetary backup today. With the introduction of merchant cash advances, businesses today are able to receive the capital they require to run their operations without turning to traditional lending institutions.

This post discusses why cash advances are necessary and how your business can find the right merchant cash advance leads vendor.

The Increasing Demand for MCA

Following the US recession that continues to impact the economy, most business owners lost their eligibility for receiving loans and have been on the lookout ever since for alternate means of acquiring the capital they need to keep their businesses afloat.

Most businesses turned to MCAs as a source of funding; thus, contributing to its growing popularity.

To keep up with the growing demand for MCAs and to reap the benefits of this booming industry, several infant MCA businesses are emerging in the market today.

Now, with thousands of MCA providers, the competitiveness of the industry has risen beyond comprehension, also making it difficult for companies to approach customers.

If you’re an MCA provider, merchant cash advance leads is the best method for you to get hold of your desired customers to get ahead of the existing competition in the cash advance leads industry.


Why Merchant Cash Advance Leads Are Important?

Lead generation is an excellent way for MCA providers to boost their business by connecting with potential customers.

Considering the large number of service providers operating in the market, and the rise of cash advances in the last five years, it has become significantly important for MCA leads generators to get appropriate lead lists customers can convert.

It is no secret that poor economic conditions have made it incredibly challenging for businesses to thrive and secure sales.

Lead generation plays a key role in identifying the right audience while securing newer clients in need of loan leads.

Steer Clear of Bad Leads

It is important for MCA providers to understand that not all merchant cash advance leads offer the same benefits.

While some leads can be like the stairway to success, others can be a complete waste of time, resources, and energy.

Get funded by lenders offering maximum working capital at the lowest interest rate.

Bad merchant cash advance leads represent the share of leads that carry a low chance of conversion as they:

  • Take away the time that could be spent on quality leads.
  • Affect the overall workplace motivation of your employees.
  • Result in a loss of money that could have been spent on other areas.

You may be paying thousands to have access to leads and assigning at least one of your professional employees to actively follow up on five to six leads at least three to five times a week.

However, your business’s efforts and money will completely go down the drain if you are dealing with bad leads.

We recommend that you perform some background research on all of your merchant cash advance leads before investing time in nurturing them.

Identify the Right Prospects

For businesses in the MCA industry, it has become vital to learn how to separate quality merchant cash advance leads from poor leads.

This will further enable businesses to dedicate the right amount of time to nurture leads that have the highest potential of conversion to sales.

Here are a few tips to help your business identify quality leads:

Identify Their Areas of Interest

Once a visitor has shown interest in your business and completed filling a form on your site, you should evaluate the areas of your page where they have spent the most time on.

By doing so, you can understand if they are actually interested in doing business with you or are simply looking to find out more about how MCA works.

Filter Your MCA Leads through Information on Forms
Funnels are specified in order to attract the right prospects looking for specific products only

Using the information from the leads extracted using the website form, you can then use filters to sieve through the list and highlight leads that match the profile of your ideal customer.

Come Up with Criteria to Filter Your Leads

MCA business owners can identify the right leads for their business by creating specific criteria that separate their ideal customer base from the rest.

Consider the following questions to determine if your merchant cash advance leads are qualified:

  • Are they looking to expand?
  • Do they have an already established line of credit?
  • How can your MCA business help?
Guaranteed conversion for cash advance leads available at MCA leads pro

Think of MCA as a form of cash advance that small businesses receive for selling a chunk of future credit card sales to have access to the capital immediately.

A cash advance is different from a loan and is only given to business owners who use credit cards as a mode of accepting payments.

There is no single foolproof way to avoid bad merchant cash advance leads and working with only good quality leads.

Most businesses often face difficulty in generating merchant cash advance leads on their own, let alone understand how to differentiate between good, bad or aged MCA leads.


Do you have a “leads wanted” signs hanging on your door? Are you an MCA service provider struggling to generate quality merchant cash advance leads and score sales? We suggest that you consider getting in touch with a leads list provider. With the right MCA leads vendor such as MCA Leads Pro by your side, your business can have access to verified aged merchant cash advance leads along with traditional leads that are supported by recordings of the business owners expressing their need for MCA funding.

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