Business Loan Leads – Do You Know What You’re Buying?

All Merchant Cash Advance providers are aware that Business Loan Leads don’t convert if they don’t highlight the benefits that come with the service. Your ability to persuade a customer is the real difference maker and allows you to stay ahead of the curve. However, for that to happen, first you need to get strong leads that show high interest in getting extra funds for their business.

Usually, you’ll end up with leads of small businesses, but lead providers only forward you contacts that show the potential to grow and provide reasonable returns.

Many MCA providers are still busy generating leads using old-fashioned tactics and are failing miserably due to the lack of adaptation.

 Change your marketing strategy, invest in business loan leads, and diversify your investment portfolio; particularly as an essential MCA leads vendor. 

Wondering how that’s even possible? Continue reading.

How Do MCA Lead Generators Work

MCA lead generators use various marketing techniques to capture leads with high chances of conversion. They use social media marketing, telemarketing, TV ads, newspaper, magazine ads, etc. to gather a pool of leads.

If you spend time and effort on all these marketing channels, how will you manage your existing clients?

  • Outsource this duty to the pro lead compilers for faster output and ultimately, greater sales.
  • Lead generators work for the benefit of your business, and they will get you qualified lead lists on a daily basis.
  • Merchant cash advance lead vendors offer four different types of leads, each offering different benefits.

You need to focus on other important matters that help you compete in the industry. Lead generators are experts in what they do.


Types of Leads

Proper search marketing will enable businesses to find you.

Depending on your budget, here are the four types of leads to choose from and save time.

Aged Business Loan Leads

An MCA lead is added into the aged category after becoming 30+ days old. Even though these leads are old, there is a good chance that they may show interest in buying merchant cash advance services.

  • Aged MCA leads cost around $1, which means you can buy in bulk and contact numerous business owners on a daily basis.
  • Considering the low prices, aged Business Loan Leads are a good option to enhance your customer base.
  • When you call them, the chances are that they either have already purchased the service, have lost interest in it, or never got a call at all.

In all circumstances, your MCA business can use these leads to its benefit. If you propose irresistible terms to your clients, you may be able to convince them to switch and work with you.

Real-Time Business Loan Leads

Real-time Business Loan Leads are 100% exclusive and comprise of businesses that have just shown interest in getting a cash advance.

While these leads have high chances of conversion, they are difficult to convert, as many MCA providers are contacting them and trying their best to sell their services.

  • If you’re the first one to contact them, they will most probably buy your service; however, make sure that your sales team has the ability to convince people too.
  • Even if you fail to convert these leads, their company profiles and contact information will still be in your database that you can use in the future.

Live Transfer Business Loan Leads

These leads can be compared with real-time leads because these businesses have just shown interest in availing this service.

There are only two major differences in live transfer leads.

  • First, the price is higher, and second, the call is transferred directly to your sales team according to your planned schedule.
  • On the other hand, if you’re looking for faster growth and rapid sales, you should invest in real-time and/or live transfer MCA leads.
  • Although live transfers are expensive yet they yield the highest chances of conversion.

A great benefit of getting a live transfer is that you get to talk to the business owner before your competitors get their opportunity to reach out to them.

If you are wondering which type of business loan leads is best for your business, well, it strictly depends on your budget and marketing plan. If you are low on budget, you can consider aged leads in bulk.

Essential Business Loan Leads

The term "essential businesses" are the ones that are allowed to remain operational during this pandemic.

These businesses supply healthcare facilities, food, medicines and logistics support.

Certainly, the list doesn't include restaurants, barbershops, schools, and gymnasium or studios.

Therefore, as a merchant cash advance broker, you need to look out for these essential business loan leads that require working capital for sustainability.

  • Check this list of essential businesses allowed to operate during this lockdown period.

Benefits of Buying Merchant Advance Leads

If you think that buying leads will only get you a list of business owners’ phone numbers, think again.

Lead providers hand over all the details of the potential businesses, which can help you craft an effective sales pitch for better chances of conversion.

Here are the things you’ll get for each lead you buy.

  1. 100% exclusive leads
  2. Complete contact details of both the business and the owner
  3. The purpose of funds
  4. Client’s credit score
  5. A financial report providing an overview of how well the business is doing


A merchant cash advance can help businesses finance their operations and grow. That’s why there is a rising demand for this method of fund generation.

Many businesses are looking for MCA providers, and the best way to reach them without any hassle is by investing in leads lists.

It’s highly important to realize which type of lead is best for your business, and the outcomes that you expect to achieve from it. Choose the right vendor that offers you 100% exclusive leads with secured appointments.

Whether you choose aged, real-time, or live transfer leads, you’ll definitely save a lot of money and time with this marketing technique.

If you’re looking for the best merchant cash advance leads provider, contact MCA Leads Pro by dialing 9515255101 today.

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