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Jason Hunt
November 9, 2017
‘Leads’ are the name and contact information of potential clients. Unfortunately, the business cash advance leads, however, are arbitrary. But when it comes to acquiring Leads that will actually convert into sales is about reaching the right prospects ready to borrow money from you.

In industries like the air duct or office cleaning, every facility manager is a potential client…some day.

With merchant cash advances, however, you need to clarify those businesses who are actually seeking quick funds.

Some companies already have investors, some do not accept credit cards, some don’t have realistic long term expectations of profit, etc.

MCA Leads Pro is the expert in finding you these potential prospects that are actually looking for up front capital; as a result, saving your valuable time looking for prospects interested in loans.

Here is how we qualify some of those down-the-line (or immediate) business cash advance leads clients.

Those Looking for Capital

There are many reasons a business might be looking for some extra capital right now.

One of the biggest potentials for a cash advance clientele is a new business as it can be difficult for any startup to obtain funds because they haven’t come up with any feasible business plan for establishing their long term sustainability.

But it doesn’t mean this company is unrealistic or can’t make things happen.

Taking a chance on offering a new business a cash advance could be risky, but also highly rewarding.

Another area to source potential business cash advance clients is with companies who are looking to expand.

This could mean either expanding to a bigger market or increased product line, or just add-on or upgrade their production/manufacturing facilities to meet a higher demand.

A business that is looking to grow shows motivation, both are expected from a business partner.

Those Who Have Been Denied Funds in the Past

A bank’s loss can be your gain.

Too often financial institutions are more concerned with a business owner’s past than their future and their potential.

What makes business cash advance companies so thrilling is that they have the ability to see beyond the ‘what ifs’ in life in a positive manner.

Why should a business owner who got into credit card issues in college still have to pay the repercussions 10-15 years later?

It’s not fair, but it’s the business model that banks and other creditors take.

People who have been denied funding will take one of two routes –

  • give up on their dreams and work the daily grind for the rest of their life or
  • say to heck with the traditional creditors and look for alternate ways of obtaining capital.

The latter is your ideal client and they’ll be grateful for the opportunity you’ve provided them – but also aware that their options for funding are limited.

To Clarify – We Qualify- Business Cash Advance Leads

One thing to understand is that although we would like to cast the widest net possible to obtain potential business cash advance leads for you to pursue – not every business owner is a viable prospect.

For example, you can count a new business as a quality lead, but are more reliable to work with if the business has been in operation for six months to a year.

In addition, a bankruptcy 15 years ago shouldn’t be the sole reason that a business owner should be denied funds for their company, but multiple liens and financial penalties in the last two years certainly raises a red flag about the loan applicant.

We do offer our business advance leads in tiers from what we consider ‘high conversion potential’ to kind of ‘pursue at your own risk.’

There’s nothing that GUARANTEES a high conversion potential is going to go ahead and get you business – but that doesn’t mean the “lower value” leads can’t lead to long term lucrative profits either.

Making the Right Contact with our Business Cash Advance leads

Another thing our business cash advance leads do is put you in direct touch with the decision maker of the company.

You can walk into any business and ‘cold call’ seeing if they have the need for extra capital; however, you might be talking to a teenager working part-time hours after school.

Our leads give you a direct line to the company owner, general manager, or financial executives so that your time is not wasted when you get in touch using our MCA live transfer leads.

In many cases the business advance leads contact has already reached out to us.

MCA Leads Pro does a lot of promotional inbound and outbound marketing.

The reason that these contacts are viable is because they’ve already sought information on obtaining financial funds for their company.

Whether these businesses are at wits end with obtaining capital or they are strictly savvy in finding the best terms – either way, there’s enormous potential with these contacts.


Contact MCA Leads Pro for information on how to ensure your accuracy of business advance leads belonging to right prospects. We have a proven track record with an incredible conversion rate. One thing to always remember is that the reason. We provide these leads isn’t only so that you can see growth in your own lending methods. But also so that the companies reaching out for funding can get the financial backing they seek.

Business growth means more jobs and more opportunities for everybody involved.

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