This is the Black and White of “Why” You Should Use Cash Advance Leads Companies

Jason Hunt
November 20, 2017

One of the major mistakes that merchant cash advance companies make is believing they can find viable leads on their own. Cash advance leads are the lifeblood of your business and obtaining them should be approached with a very intense strategy. If you fail in leads, you’ll likely fail in business.

Could you find some cash advance leads on your own? No doubt. Are they going to be anywhere near the quality that you’d obtain from MCALeads? Possibly, but why take the chance? Our job, our mission, and our passion is obtaining and compiling the best information about potential clients. These merchants need to source some extra capital in exchange for doling out commissions on their future credit card profits.

Does all of the Rhetoric sound ‘salesy?”

Every company who ever sells leads gives a similar pitch regardless of the quality of the information they provide. We’d like to think that we’re different. First off MCALeads has a no obligation policy we provide with our cash advance leads. You can choose the option to obtain the leads upfront no questions asked. You can also recoup us based on the business you obtain from our leads.

Not sold yet? Here are some of the reasons it’s in the best bet of your business to obtain cash advance leads from somebody who specializes in the industry.

Leads are Exclusive


Imagine if you were the only sock store in town – if somebody had cold toes you’d have a really good chance of getting the sale. While you may not be the only merchant cash advance company around, by being provided with exclusive leads you’ll be the main point of contact if these businesses are interested in generating some instant capital.

To be fair, there’s no way to determine if you are the only entity getting in touch with potential cash advance leads. What you do have is our guarantee that we won’t ‘double sell’ the same information to all of your competitors. In fact, MCALeads believes that market saturation only hinders the ability to convert on a lead. We work hard to contact and qualify these leads and we legitimately want to see them get the funding they desire.

Plus, exclusive leads are beneficial to our business model as well. Let’s be honest, if a homeowner is in contact with a roofing company they can virtually set their own price in the competitive industry – or at least go with simply the lowest cost. If we were providing leads on a commission based incentive we’d be dipping into our own margin by giving out leads to so many different roofing contractors. The principle remains the same even in the cash advance leads niche.

Time Saving Leads Options

One of the best reasons you should use cash advance leads generation contracting is because it simply saves you time. When you receive the cash advance leads you’re already at the destination without having to go on the journey. Would you rather market, advertise, contact leads, qualify them, and then do the follow-up? That’s not only a lot of time involved but purchasing ads, creating web sites, etc. also costs money. Instead of focusing on the middle man apects of cash advance leads, why not just jump right to the rewards?

Granted, it’s still going to take some effort on your end to convert the leads. That being said it’s time much better spent focusing on the conversion rather than the initial attraction. With services such as our live transfer leads, you’re literally put into contact with potential customers in minutes. This means you don’t even have to make ‘cold’ calls when obtaining the leads, you simply have to answer the transfer and give information about the services that you offer.

Focused Solely on Merchant Cash Advances

We’re not going to lie, the business of lead generation is a very competitive industry. Plus, there are really only so many ways to attract customers such as inbound and outbound marketing, advertising, trade shows, etc. One of the major advantages you have when working with MCALeads is that cash advance leads are our only industry. We specialize in sourcing leads of businesses that are in the market for cash advances. The results are much more efficient than obtaining leads from a company that might be soliciting HVAC leads, automobile insurance leads, real estate leads, metal pricing leads, etc. all at the same time.

Leads are Only High Quality

One of the major benefits of opting in for information from a specialzied cash advance leads company is because you can be sure that the leads are high quality. MCALeads is not going to give you, a merchant cash advance company, the info for a homeowner looking to have their concrete driveway repaired. Unqualified or low quality leads are just an extension of the huge exertion of energy that looking for leads on your own is. Something that we pride ourselves on is conversion rate. We know you’re good, but converting a home owner looking to have their shutters replaced into somehow obtaining a merchant cash advance is a miracle.

How do our leads become high quality? First off that is mainly done by our specialization tactics. When a potential customer reaches out to us, it’s because they saw information about merchant cash advances, not homeowner’s insurance. That is just the tip of the iceberg however. We’ll contact them, qualify them (or not) and place them into a tier of how likely they are to obtain an MCA. Along those same lines, we’ll never unqualify somebody just because of preconceived notions. We’ll rate the leads and let you pursue them how you like.

Cash Advance Leads Contact Information We Provide Is Relevant

One other reason that you should use cash advance leads generating companies is because we work to get the information from relevant decision makers. We’ll give you the phone extensions to the manager or finance department. If we give you the businesses phone number, we’ll also give you the name of who to talk to.

Contact us today about more specific information on how working with MCALeads can be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

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