Why Buying Aged MCA Leads Is Ideal For Small Businesses

May 2, 2018
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April 28, 2018
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When you invest in leads, your expectation of getting more conversions rises substantially. However, real-time leads have greater chances of being worked on by many MCA lead providers at once. If you opt for exclusive leads, the prices will simply double up.

It can turn out to be quite frustrating dealing with real-time leads obtained through investing a lot of money that eventually offer little to no returns. If you are a small business still trying to establish yourself in the highly competitive market, it’s recommended to opt for aged MCA leads that lower your costs and sales competition.

What are Aged MCA Leads?

Aged MCA leads are comparatively older than the real-time ones. They are 30 to 90 days old, and just like any other sales lead, they are regular customers who fill out an online form or respond to any other sales message related to merchant cash advance services. In most cases, they have already been sold to another MCA provider as exclusive, real-time, or live transfer leads.

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Using aged MCA leads can benefit you in both sales competition and costs. The only major difference is that they are older than the other types of leads. These leads have shown interest in obtaining financial services in the past, but put off the idea to consider at a later date. So you can expect them to convert in the present, i.e., if they haven’t subscribed to a service yet. There is no harm in contacting them, considering the price that you pay to get their contact details.

Higher ROI, Lower Cost

While you may have to spend up to $35 for a real-time lead, aged MCA leads are sold at significantly lower rates. You can buy aged leads for as low as $1. As a small business, you have to stay within your budget by lowering your expenses wherever possible. That’s why it’s better to purchase services that are more economical than investing too much on only few leads.

If you want to improve your sales without going overboard your marketing budget, it’s better to buy aged leads. An aged lead is a business who once showed interest in buying MCA services. By ordering aged leads list, you get to negotiate with a customer to opt for your services for a lower price who may still have interest in getting merchant cash advances. With a convincing strategy, you can easily persuade customers to purchase your service and land a deal, resulting in higher sales.

Lower Competition


Even though real-time leads are considered exclusive, aged leads eventually take the win in this race. When business owners fill out informational forms to share about their demand for funds, they get flooded with inquiries over the week.

However, most of the sales inquiries stop after one week. If you pay for an aged lead, you can expect to be the only one contacting that person during that time.

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It’s possible that you find out the customer purchased the services from the first business that contacted them. However, there’s a strong possibility that due to so many calls, the customer refused to buy anything out of frustration. You can expect this opportunity to turn worthwhile for you.

Apart from that, you can also figure out which MCA leads provider they bought the service from, or you can give them a better counter offer that can convince them to switch to working with you. You can also come up with a plan that’ll be more beneficial for the client, convincing them to go with your service.

There isn’t a single lead provider that can guarantee you a 100% conversion rate. However, with aged leads, you have more contacts at your disposal, increasing your chances of landing a sale. On the other hand, the lower costs help you in maintaining your budget for better chances of surviving in the industry.

Leads that Have Not Been Contacted

There are high chances that aged leads have never received a call. Many businesses apply for merchant cash advance services, but sometimes they do not meet the criteria of a particular MCA provider, and therefore, are untapped. Again, this isn’t always the case, but there’s a possibility. Considering that they never got contacted and aged, you may just land a sale here.

For a business that was new when they applied, they may have performed well enough to provide you with reasonable returns by now. Give the owner a call, and ask them regarding their turnover. If you see potential in the business, go ahead and invite the owner with their business plan to evaluate and analyze how your money can turn the tables for them.


To contact more leads and customers, you’ll realize that a sustainable process is necessary to pull it off smoothly. Dialing all the contact numbers manually will take you days. Fortunately, you’ll find many technical solutions specially made for such situations.


An autodialer is a complete lifesaver to contact a large number of leads in a short span of time. Autodialers also come with predictive dialer services, which screen out disconnected numbers, answering machines, and busy networks.

Closing Words

When you realize only a small number of business are working with aged leads, which were created by real customers, you have a strong reason to add aged MCA leads to your marketing strategy.

Once you become organized with your small business and work with aged leads, this can become an effective business model for you, which can allow your small business to stand up alongside the market leaders. If you want to work with aged leads, contact MCA Leads Pro today, and learn how we can help you grow your MCA business.

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